Your Decor Style Based on Your Zodiac Sign
Bohemian style!

As an Aries, you’re not afraid to fire things up—including in your decor. With a strong drive and confidence, you enjoy experimenting with colors and combining unlikely items together to create an eclectic and bohemian space. Your decor speaks to your sense of adventure, which means you’re totally committed to painting a red wall or buying a patterned accent chair that would otherwise be considered a bold move by others. You don’t limit yourself based on what style “should” be, and that’s an admirable quality all of us can learn from!
Traditional style!

As a Taurus, your loving nature and persistence to stay grounded makes you a traditional style enthusiast. The timelessness of traditional elements—including scrolled metal, turned feet and beautiful ornamentation—never loses its luster, and thus appeals to that strong foundation you love having in your day-to-day routine. A variety of neutrals call out to you, as well as dark wood finishes and wingback style chairs. Truly, you build your style from the ground up, and never fail to follow through on presenting something you’re proud of to the world! Go you!
Shabby chic style!

As a Gemini, you’re a socialite who loves talking and sharing things with others, and that shines through in your decor style. You’re not concerned with having anything flashy; instead, you’re perfectly happy with a cozy nook where you can chat with friends. Think white distressed wood, cuddly throw blankets and plenty of elegant knick knacks and comfy upholstery fabric. You embrace a well-loved look in your home, with pops of color on your walls and chic, mismatched chairs in the dining room. The homier it is, the better you feel!
Contemporary style!

As a Cancer, a loving, secure home is one the most important things to you, which is why contemporary style is your match! Prioritizing comfort and identity are some of your main goals, which is why modern fits perfectly—there’s considerable versatility in how you can decorate with colors, accessories and furniture. Whether you push boundaries with a geometric area rug or add a touch of glam with colorful sequin throw pillows, the clean-lined, minimalist-inspired style of contemporary wood and upholstery lets you foster a nurturing environment that’s still unique to your emotions and homey goals.
Glam style!

As a Leo, your charismatic nature often makes you the center of attention in a group—making glam style an obvious choice! You like impressive decor, with crystal accents and finishes such as silver, gold and chrome for that extra bit of shine, as these elements will be admired and appreciated by others. Sticking to warm neutrals, with a pop of color such as purple or blue, the more reflective and elaborate your mirrors, wall art and cabriole-style dining chairs, the better for you! The glamorous furniture, balanced with your outgoing and fun personality, will still provide a welcoming space for all your friends and family to enjoy!
French country style!

As a Virgo, your modesty and desire for organization means the French country aesthetic speaks to your tastes. A delicate and refined style, your humble personality means you conduct ample research and intuition before decorating. Although you can get overwhelmed by all the little details, that doesn’t stop you from creating a beautiful space that expresses mixed patterns, a subdued color palette and a touch of distressing—for a look that’s still approachable. It’s the elegant and well-rounded vibes French country exudes that appeals to your altruistic nature of hosting guests, while also fulfilling an orderly household that doesn’t complicate storage or day-to-day tasks.
Farmhouse style!

As a Libra, balance is the name of the game, which is why farmhouse works so well for you. Always in pursuit of harmony, farmhouse delivers on this desire with an alluring marriage of classy and down-to-earth—meaning you get the best of both worlds. You love a polished look, which is why the light, neutral colors describe your aesthetic perfectly. Charming elements such as feather-fill cushions and textured, weathered designs are just the thing to appeal to your easygoing attitude. Plus, your penchant for changing things up isn’t an issue; simply switch out colors, or add a new accent color into the mix, and you’re still perfectly within the realm of farmhouse and its timeless beauty!
Industrial style!

As a Scorpio, your passion and intensity are often unmatched, which is why the cool edginess of industrial style makes its mark in your home. Exposed brick and sleek, factory-inspired pieces illustrate your determined nature and focus to accomplish any project you’re tasked with. Though you have lots of emotional perceptiveness, when it comes to decor, you prefer to go the less-is-more route, which means dark woods and shades of warm grays are a perfect match. You let the exciting layout of your furniture do the talking, and keep your more personal items to your bedroom to appeal to your desire for secrecy.
Vintage-inspired style!

As a Sagittarius, you’re no stranger to ambition—hence why you find so much enjoyment in vintage-inspired trinkets and furniture. Your wanderlust is only outshone by your ability to focus on what you love most in life, and many people admire you for that. Vintage-inspired style lets you celebrate the beauty of yesteryear, while adding in your own eclectic flair with multiple finishes and classic touches. Just start piece by piece, because while you have a laser focus, your energizing nature means you can easily stretch yourself thin between all your needs and wants. Enjoy the process and keep an open mind, Sagittarius, and you’ll go far with this style!
Mid-century modern style!

As a Capricorn, your sharp perception makes you a quick learner and lover of all things practical. You’re not afraid of exercising patience for the right style, which is why mid-century jumps out at you as a favored aesthetic. Whether you buy furniture from years past or look for current pieces with sleek lines and organic forms, contrasting materials and colors and canted legs, the prospect of finding all these things in furniture excite you. Filled with responsibility and big goals, you’re not thwarted by a bit of hard work, and find you often keep your troubles close to your chest as a result. But with the minimalist frames and exciting color palette mid-century modern offers, it’s a prime opportunity to show off how driven and talented you really are!
Coastal style!

As an Aquarius, you have a quirkiness that’s both endearing and inventive, which is why the odds and ends of coastal style are a perfect fit for you. The free-flowing aesthetic of beachy decor lets you express yourself in beautiful shades of turquoise, minty green and sandy beige. From octopi to starfish and seashells, you enjoy it all, and incorporate it in an approachable and friendly way. This appeals to your curious nature and desire to explore—which also makes you new friends and companions quickly. With the whimsy of the ocean all around you, tranquil charm is yours to keep.
Art deco style!

As a Pisces, fantastical and imaginative elements don’t bother you; in fact, they’re preferred! Fueled by compassion and creativity, your honesty translates directly into your decor, which is why art deco resonates with you. Filled with angular shapes and fun pops of color, you love patterns that have eye-catching flair—they express your inner dreamer, since you’re often introverted and a bit on the quiet side. You love unique pieces of art, and have even dabbled in creating some yourself, which is why you appreciate geometric shapes and styles. Just don’t go too far to where your space is overburdened with color or wallpaper, but we know your determination is going to balance that desire for a perfectly curated home, Pisces!

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