Wonder why you can’t sleep? The problem may be rooted in factors you may have never thought of. Get better sleep from our 10 sleep tips.

 1. Invest in Your Comfort

Is your room comfortable? Whether that means splurging on egyptian cotton sheets, purchasing blackout curtains or picking the perfect mattress – investing in your comfort is a must for getting better sleep.
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2. Snooze on a Good Mattress

Sleeping on a good mattress can make all the difference in getting better sleep. When you sleep on an uncomfortable bed, you are more likely to  shift your weight during sleep. This may create pressure on your shoulders, back and hips, preventing you from receiving restorative sleep.

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3. Turn Off the Electronics

Quiet the room. Turn off the TV and give that laptop a break! Research suggests that media use before bedtime interferes with getting better sleep.

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4. Find Ways to Manage Stress

Get organized, set priorities and delegate tasks. List what’s on your mind before trying to sleep and set it aside for the next day.

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5. Control the Allergens in Your Home

Use mattress and pillow covers to keep allergens, such as pet dander and dust mites at bay. Get a vacuum or air purifier with a HEPA filter and replace the air filter in your furnace monthly.

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6. A Healthy Diet Helps

Enjoy a healthy snack an hour before bed. Avoid sleeping on a full stomach. Limit how much you drink so you won’t have to use the restroom. Avoid caffeine and alcohol.

7. Establish a Bedtime Routine

Get in bed and wake up at the same time each day. Before sleep, take a warm bath or shower, read a book or listen to soothing music. Once you figure out a routine, stick to it – even on weekends!

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8. Get Moving and Get to Sleep

Do physical activities early in the day to enhance your ability to fall asleep fast and get better sleep. Don’t exercise close to bedtime because you may get too energized.

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9. The Psychology of Daylight

Use bright lights or sunlight during the day to manage your circadian rhythms (or body clock). Enjoy sunlight in the morning and avoid bright light in the evening.

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10. Get the Space Ready

Keep the room cool between 65°F and 75°F and use room darkening shades. Spritz your pillow with a mix of lavender, chamomile or ylang-ylang oil drops and water.

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