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Dining Room Ideas, Guides, Ideas & Trends Published: July 8, 2024

Dining Mix & Match

Dining tables and chairs are not just pieces of furniture you retreat to for a meal. They are representative of your unique style. One of the most appealing ways to accessorize your new table is with mix-and-match chairs. The contrast in design and style lends itself to the ultimate dining room creativity. At Ashley, we believe that dining tables and chairs are important design elements that combine function and beauty for any home.

Ashley is ready to use years of experience to help you find exactly what you’re looking for in dining furniture. Whether you’re renovating your home or just ready for a change, we have a range of styles both online and in-store to help the discerning customer stand out from the crowd while sitting comfortably.

Dining Rooms Have Many Roles To Play

We know that your dining room is the ultimate multitasker. It serves a multitude of purposes for you, your family, and your friends. From eating a quick bite to a five-course sit-down meal in celebration of a special event, dining tables are gathering places that bring people together. These surfaces are perfect for laying out a work or school project from one end to the other. Puzzles beg to be put together here. And let’s not forget about the chairs. They need to be comfortable so everyone will want to stay a little longer, talking the hours away and creating memories.

People will come together at all hours to enjoy their favorite beverages, some delicious food, and heart-warming conversation. With those visions at the forefront of your mind, we want you to find the best dining room table and chairs to mix together and make your dream come alive.

Important Points To Consider Before Mixing and Matching Dining Furniture

We know that everyone is different, and there are varying perspectives on how to decorate one’s home, including the dining area. With that individuality in mind, here are some of the finer points to take into account as you’re shopping for your next dining table and chairs.

  • Measure twice to ensure the table and chairs you select will fit into the desired space in your home and allow everyone to pull back from the table and sit comfortably. Ask us for help or a second opinion if you need it! That’s what we’re here for.
  • Make sure the chairs you choose will fit well when pushed into the table. Unfortunately, some of our chairs may not easily fit side-by-side under smaller tables. Let us help you find suitable options so you can dine in style.
  • Look for uncomplicated, simple, modern styles or maximalist and detailed pieces, depending on your preferences, so the new furniture integrates with your current decor.
  • Keep current trends and social media posts in mind as you shop if staying on trend is desired. Ashley’s up-to-date website makes it easy to know what you’re looking for and match the latest internet trends with our inventory before you even enter the store.
  • Search for the many high-quality items that we carry and will stand the test of time while still adhering to your desired budget.

Find Inspiration in Mix-and-Match Dining Furniture Guidance From Ashley

When you choose to color outside the lines and opt for mix-and-match dining furniture, you have a lot of fun choices to consider. Let us help you make the right ones with this helpful information.

  • Color and Detail: The colors and details of your new furniture are highly personal. Find pieces you will enjoy looking at every day and that bring a smile to your face. Focus on small elements, such as the precise nailhead trim on the Valebeck Ladderback Dining Chairs with upholstered linen-colored cushioned seats. Pair these comfortable chairs with the Parellen Dining Table. It has a unique melanin table top that mimics a barn wood effect along with tapered legs in a gray finish. You can also mix and match the table stain with a different colored set of chairs for a high contrast or a subtle nuance. Take note of your dining room’s current colorways to bring in more differentiation or coordination among the pieces.
  • Materials: The sky’s the limit with material selections. Look for a heavy wooden table, such as the Isanti Dining Table, made of mango wood in a light brown finish, paired with Lyncott Upholstered Dining Chairs, made of solid hardwood in a medium-brown wood tone finish with a soft cushioned blue or mustard colored fabric for incongruent compatibility. When you go in a different direction with bright fabric chairs that meld perfectly with a traditional wooden table, you get to decorate with multi-dimensional panache.
  • Textures: The grain, fissures, mineral deposits, and veining on a one-of-a-kind table, such as the sleek Isanti Round Dining Table, made of solid mango wood in a natural light brown finish and a white marble top, is an Ashley exclusive not to be missed. It has a thick pedestal and pairs nicely with the different textures of the sturdy solid wood Isanti Dining Chairs with rattan seats and a matte black finish that adds visual interest with clean lines.
  • Fit: Finally, do the pieces fit well together? Mix and match the Havalance Rectangular Dining Table, which consists of a vintage base of detailed legs and a weathered gray table top, with sophisticated Skempton Ladderback Dining Chairs adorned with upholstered seats in a distressed grayish-white finish. Come into our store to move things around or create an inspiration board online until you achieve your vision. Our team will help you pull it all together and then ensure everyone will be able to sit comfortably once the pieces are paired with each other.

Contact the Mix-and-Match Dining Furniture Experts for Your Dining Room Needs Today

Your dining room furniture should be comfortable, stylish, and reflect your distinctive character. Update this important room today with a new mix-and-match dining table and chair set curated just for you. Our team of experts at Ashley is waiting to help you show off your personality. Go ahead and create a space that you’ll be happy to share with your family and friends. Look at our expansive collection online and in stores today. We know you’ll love what you see when you combine a mix-and-match aesthetic with a new table and chair collection coming together in creative harmony.

Dining Room Ideas, Home Decor & Furniture Published: March 15, 2024 | Updated: May 16, 2024

How to Choose Dining Chairs

For many families, the dining room is an essential space to catch up with loved ones and enjoy a tasty meal together. The ideal dining room exudes an inviting atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable. That said, comfy dining room chairs are a must!

But how do you know how to choose dining room chairs? Don’t worry! Today we’re sharing our top tips and tricks for finding the perfect dining room chairs to complete your vision.

What Makes a Good Dining Chair?

A good dining chair creates a harmonious balance of comfort, durability, functionality, and style. Proper dining room chairs are designed with your comfort in mind. From cushions to structure, the ergonomic design of your dining room chairs is vital, as you’ll spend plenty of time sitting in them.

The ideal chairs will provide the right back support. Often, it’s best to shop for dining room chairs in-store. That way, you can test out your options and get a firsthand experience of each chair’s comfort level. If you opt for shopping online, customer reviews can give you insight into the quality of potential chairs.

Functionality and durability are also essential. Search for dining room chairs crafted from and upholstered with top-tier materials that can withstand wear and tear. Here are some of our faves:

  • High-quality solid wood, like oak, maple, teak, and cherry
  • Metals like steel, aluminum, and iron
  • Upholstery: leather, cotton, linen, spider silk, and synthetic textiles

Your dining room chairs should set the tone for your other decor to complete your space’s aesthetic. The style of a dining room chair doesn’t necessarily determine the quality. But it can be a driving factor in the chairs you choose. If you’re searching for a specific style, make sure it also checks the other boxes for what makes a good dining chair.

How to Choose Dining Room Chairs

Choosing dining room chairs comes down to your preference and the interior design style you hope to achieve. The size of your dining room table typically plays a crucial factor. Your chairs should fit effortlessly with your dining room and provide a comfortable amount of space for each guest.

To determine the right size and number of chairs, start by measuring the size and shape of your space and table. For example, oval and rectangular dining room tables typically seat more people, and square ones provide a comfortable seating area for four. Pay special attention to the tabletop’s thickness and the overall table height, and choose your chairs following these tips:

  • Chair width is generally between 18 and 20 inches but can vary depending on whether it has arms.
  • When deciding how many chairs can comfortably fit, leave 6 inches between each.
  • Leave 36 inches between your other furniture or walls so you can easily push your chair back.

When deciding how to choose dining room chairs, consider your home’s aesthetic to create a cohesive story. Maybe the modern contemporary style speaks to you. If so, opt for chairs with clean lines and neutral colors, like beiges, grays, and taupes.

Arm vs. Armless Dining Chairs

Whether you opt for arms or armless dining chairs, the key is prioritizing comfort, functionality, and style. Each type of chair has its pros and cons. That said, it’s up to you to decide what works best for your lifestyle and space.


Experts agree that chairs with arms offer the most ergonomic support. These chairs not only provide a place to rest your arms but are stronger and more durable. Armchairs can make a space feel elegant and complete, especially at the head of the table. Still, armchairs take up extra space, so they can be more expensive and challenging to fit comfortably in smaller rooms.

Armless Chairs

Armless chairs are a current staple in modern dining room furniture because of their sleek look, ease of use, and convenience. They’re easy to move and perfect as a compact dining room chair option for smaller spaces. Armless chairs also make it simple to seat yourself and push in under the table when not in use.

If you’re going for a less formal dining room look, armless chairs might be the best choice. You’ll find countless eye-catching designs at multiple price points to complement your space. The main drawback of armless chairs is the lack of lumbar support. Without armrests, you’re more likely to feel uncomfortable and bothered when sitting on them for long periods.

How to Mix & Match Dining Chairs

When deciding how to mix dining chairs, the best part is — it’s all up to you! Still, understanding a few fundamentals in creating a visually appealing space is crucial. Like choosing a good dining chair, mixing and matching chairs is about preference. Many use three combinations with dining room furniture. You can choose matching chairs, match side chairs with different head chairs, or opt for an eclectic hodgepodge where each chair is different. The options are endless!

The simplest method is choosing matching chairs. Many dining room sets come with matching chairs, making it effortless to design a cohesive space. But maybe you prefer contrast. A popular choice for a table that seats six is mixing two armchairs at the head of the table with four armless chairs. Dining benches are another great furniture piece to elevate your space. Use a dining bench on one side of the table and armless dining room chairs on the other.

You can get more creative by mixing dining chairs of different styles that complement each other. Try pairing two upholstered chairs at the head of the table with rustic wooden chairs. From colors to styles to materials, your options for how to mix dining chairs are endless.

Revamp Your Space at Ashley

Understanding the basics of how to mix dining chairs and tables is just the start. Now it’s time to bring out your inner interior designer. So let’s get started! Ashley is the top spot to infuse your personality and style to create an equally functional and aesthetically pleasing dining space. Embrace creativity, experiment with different combinations, and trust your instincts to curate a dining area for cherished moments with loved ones.

Dining Room Ideas, Home Decor & Furniture Published: August 19, 2019 | Updated: October 9, 2020

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