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Bedroom Ideas, Dining Room Ideas, Home Decor & Furniture Published: October 23, 2016 | Updated: June 13, 2018

What Rug Style Are You?

Find your perfect rug based on the lifestyle that best suits you. Let’s find out who you are…not that you didn’t already know but just stick with us for a moment as we explore the various lifestyle categories at Ashley to find the one that best suits your future rug needs.

New Traditions

New Traditions- Embrace the Good and racious (1)

This lifestyle combines traditional profiles with ageless flair.

Vintage Casual:

Vintage Casual- Timeless Style (2)

Craving that weathered finish inspired by the French countryside? This style has it all, evoking timeless styles that are sure to put your new look in the here and now (globe trotter).

Grand Elegance:

Vintage Casual- Timeless Style (4)

Do you fancy yourself as a Hollywood celebrity or part of the royal family? Then this lifestyle says it all: incorporating rich pieces, luxurious textiles and a gorgeous craftsmanship. You know you deserve it, so go for it!

Contemporary Living: 

Contemporary Living- Think Fresh and Inviting (1)

Ever wish you could escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? With this collection you can make your home the perfect place to escape creating your own soothing sanctuary. With comforting pieces and cool tones, get ready to cozy up with this season’s new TV lineup, because you won’t be leaving for a while.

Gen Now: 

Gen Now- The New Generation of Style

Finally, a line of pieces that not only are fashionable and fun, but can adapt to your child’s wants and needs. Combining function, play, and versatility that will grow along with your child.


Contemporary Living- Think Fresh and Inviting

Consider yourself a rule breaker? Are you bored of the same old same old home furnishings? Create your own rules and your own style with Urbanology; showcasing rustic hardware, clean lines and lavish textiles, allowing you to mix and match and create a space that is uniquely you.

Home Decor & Furniture, Home Office Ideas, How To Published: October 10, 2016 | Updated: August 18, 2020

Taming Clutter: Desk Edition

It’s not hard to fall behind on organization in the workplace or at your home desk. When you do, you might find yourself buried in a mess of clutter. The coffee mugs, notebooks, papers, pens, and everything else inevitably pile up and make your life a little harder. Finding necessary items is a task on its own, and every task on your to-do list is bound to take much longer than it should. If clutter is holding you back, make your life easier and take action!

Decluttering is as easy as following three steps.

Sort, Stow, and Select.

IMG_2242[1] (2)

First, sort through your clutter. Take a good look at your desk and start putting similar items together. Stack up print-outs and memos, with the most important on top for easy access. Pile those pens up. Put your water bottle, coffee mug, and that box of granola bars into a group. Once it’s all sorted, it’s time for the next step!

IMG_2247[1] (2)

Now, stow it away. Do you really need your wallet and keys at arm’s reach throughout the day? Non-essential work items like these can easily be stored in a desk drawer or in your bag without causing an inconvenience. That stack of papers should be tucked away in a file cabinet, and that pile of pens can go in a pen cup. Once you’ve moved all of your items to their proper locations, you’ll find that the essentials are all that’s left! This may sound minor, but without these distractions in the way, it will be much easier to focus on the task at hand.

Finally, select the items you need for a specific task, and make sure they go back to the right spot once you’re done. If the only items in front of you are the ones you need at the time, there should be no problem staying on track. Rather than having a desk full of reminders of other tasks you need to complete, you’ll have just the essentials and plenty of room to get your current task done. Repeating the process and getting everything back to its proper place will ensure your workstation stays free of clutter, and your day stays free of distractions!

IMG_2264[1] (2)

IMG_2271[1] (2)

Try It Out!

Now, this all seems obvious, but you may be surprised at how beneficial these steps are. No more knocking things over, shuffling through random papers, or getting distracted by your phone. Once your items are sorted and stowed, all you’ll have left is the ideal workspace. Give it a try! It should only take a few minutes, but it will save you hours in time you would have spent rummaging through clutter.

Once your desk is sorted out, apply these steps to your room and let us see how it looks! We’d love to see how decluttering has brightened up your environment. Snap a quick Instagram photo and remember to tag #MyAshleyHome.