Carry the energy of new beginnings with you by creating a home that reflects your personality and how you want yourself and your guests to feel when they walk through your front door.


Wall colors are a great and fairly simple way to create a mood. Tranquil pastels cultivate the feeling of a calming sanctuary, while brights like red, yellow, orange or lime will give off a more exciting, energizing vibration. If you’re a fan of multiple colors or just have a style all your own, go ahead and experiment with color combinations or even wallpaper styles that reflect your unique personality. Every room in the house can have its own unique vibe – there are no limits to the possibilities!


Textures are another aspect to take into account when decorating, and are not just limited to textiles. While there are many styles of pillows and throws that will add a finishing touch to a room, subtler textures like the fabric of your upholstery and even your solid pieces like living room tables and entertainment centers inevitably add to the feeling your home gives off. For a relaxed entertaining space, incorporate elements like natural wood-finished furnishings. For a more sophisticated entertaining space, choose pieces with clean lines and polished finishes.

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You might be surprised at how much the placement of furniture affects the feeling of a room. If a room feels small, try rearranging the furniture to open up walking paths.

Now that you have an idea of how you want your home to feel as you walk through the door, you are on the right track for starting the year off with new year resolutions for your home. What other goals do you have this year?