Decorating Ideas for Summer

What comes to mind when you think of summery décor? Bold, natural colors? Spending time outdoors? Relaxing in the shade – or basking in the sun? Open the windows to let the sunshine in while you sip some lemonade or iced tea, and consider these ideas for bringing summer-inspired decor into your home. Wondering when it’s the right time to get started bringing the feeling of summer living to your home? How about right now? It’s the perfect time to start displaying summery touches of color and decorations that energize your space.

When to Start Decorating for Summer

The best time to begin decorating your space for summer is anytime after the slushy winter season has passed. Breaking out the summer décor ideas is a great way to put those gray winter days and muddy spring days behind you. And, let’s be real. You will relish at the moment when kids no longer track in the grungy winter slush after playing in the snow. Keep your favorite spring decorations and transition them into your summer decor. This makes it so easy to forget about all the spring rains and all the muddy shoes leaving prints across your flooring.

Bring Summer Inside with New Décor

You don’t have to give each room a total makeover to bring a touch of summer into your home. You can keep some of your favorite details from your spring décor and transition them into part of your summer style. Decorate indoors and out, or just choose one area to add some vibrant summer-inspired touches.

1. Summer Décor for Your Front Porch

Start your summer decorating efforts before even entering the house with front door decorations and summer porch décor. Display a colorful wreath or lighted door hanger that creates a welcoming feeling. Include one or several front porch decorating ideas for summer, such as displaying a colorful umbrella beside outdoor seating for shade, a charming water fountain, or welcome signs to greet guests.

2. Decorate Your Living Room for Summer

Mirrors, tapestries, and throw pillows are three items that add a summery touch to your décor. Plus, you can easily add them to your room’s overall motif in no time at all. Mirrors positioned across from a window or near a light fixture catch and reflect the light to naturally brighten your family room. Hanging up fresh tapestries adds color and texture to your summer decor. Toss some colorful throw pillows on your sofa and loveseat for a burst of summery color and an extra touch of comfort in your seating area.

3. Kitchen Summer Décor

Start the season with summer door decorations for your kitchen, such as a welcome sign hung by your door or a colorful floor mat. Make meal prep easier while celebrating the season by displaying visually appealing countertop appliances like juicers. Add a pretty fruit bowl filled with seasonal fruit to inspire new juice flavors. Finally, add some accessories, like spice racks and pretty new kitchen linens that coordinate with your kitchen décor.

4. Backyard and Patio Décor Ideas

Really unleash your creative side when choosing summer decorations for a larger area, such as a backyard or patio area. Choose a durable, beautiful outdoor table decoration for summer and pair it with comfortable outdoor seating. Planning on hosting some summer gatherings? Set up the space for entertaining by placing modern outdoor end tables, outdoor speakers, and string lights in tree branches.

5. Summer Inspired Mantel Décor

If you just want to add a few seasonal touches to your home, summer mantel décor offers a simple way to do it. Choose a mantel clock in a neutral color or embellished with a pop of delicate color. Place it beside a decorative urn filled with pretty summer blossoms or a faux plant. Add a decorative object, such as sculptures with a metallic finish that catches the light. Voila! Instant summertime vibes.

Plants? Yes, Please!

Want to celebrate the season with landscaping and plants but have a brown thumb? Plus, gardening takes time, and maybe you’re already busy all day running errands, working, cleaning the house, and getting dinner on the table. That can make it hard to fit in one more task. However, there’s an easy option. Keep it simple with small changes, like displaying faux plants. Faux plants deliver the beauty of natural plants, but you don’t have to fit anything extra into your busy life because they never need to be watered.

Freshen Up for Summer

While any decorating style can be rejuvenated with summer-inspired art and accessories, farmhouse and minimalist are two décor styles that make the task especially easy. The neutral base created by minimalist and farmhouse décor allows colorful touches from items like summer wall décor to really stand out in contrast. Additionally, these styles tend to focus heavily on light and neutral colors that naturally add a summery warmth to your home.

Minimalist Summer Décor

Breathe warm summer air into a minimalist room by choosing summer home décor that has bright colors or a nature-inspired theme. Choose a colorful area rug to draw the eye into the room or sheer window treatments that let the light filter in. Choose one or two dramatic indoor planters. This lets you bring the beauty of nature indoors with natural plants or faux foliage that delivers a vibrant burst of green. Floral or brightly colored throw pillows on the furniture also add a quick and beautiful touch to a minimalist living room.

Farmhouse Summer Décor

Farmhouse décor includes neutral colors that create a slightly rustic, country-inspired, charming effect – and it’s so easy to change it up each season by swapping old accessories for new ones. For summer, place a colorful sculpture or faux plant on a coffee table crafted from weathered gray wood in the living room. Toss colorful throw pillows and a soft-hued duvet cover on metal-framed or rustic wood beds. Hang cheerful plaid curtains that let light filter into the room while protecting your privacy over your kitchen windows.

Get ready for summer and make your space feel bright and cheerful with one, a few, or all these summer décor ideas. Whether you’re updating your outdoor summer décor to get ready for outdoor entertaining or simply welcoming the season into your home’s aesthetic, our selection of summer-inspired décor items will help you deliver the effect you want. Browse through Ashley’s large selection of decor items for every room in the house, then create an outdoor space that’s perfect for entertaining guests or relaxing at home.

If you’re looking for more inspiration, visit your nearest Ashley store to chat with one of our associates and see all the latest summer items we have in stock.