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Guides June 13, 2024

Sealy Mattress Buying Guide

Investing in the right mattress is the most important thing you can do for a good night’s sleep. When you’re trying to decide which brand to go with, a long history of helping consumers get good rest matters. Sealy mattresses have been around for over 140 years, and millions of Americans have trusted Sealy with their best night’s sleep.

Our Sealy mattress buying guide compares the most popular options to give you the information you need to meet your sleep needs and preferences. Whether you’re seeking relief from back pain, looking for a different firmness, or simply craving a restful night’s sleep, we’ll help you find the perfect Sealy mattress for you.

What Sealy Mattress Collections Are Available at Ashley?

We typically sell three of the most popular Sealy mattress lines at Ashley. Pricing varies by line, style, and size, but assume that each mattress type starts at a twin and goes all the way up to California king mattresses.

Sealy Essentials Collection

The Sealy Essentials Collection offers comfort and support at a lower price point than the Posturepedic® lines. That doesn’t mean their design is lacking in any way. These mattresses are ideal for consumers who may not need the customized support of the other lines.

Sealy Essentials Collection mattresses are designed to provide a comfortable sleep surface, high durability, and breathable materials for temperature regulation. Expect high quality at an exceptional value with the mattresses in this collection.

Sealy Posturepedic® Collection

The Sealy Posturepedic Collection is Sealy’s best-selling mattress collection. High-density coils are designed to reduce tossing and turning throughout the night, while foam layers provide customized support where you need it the most.

What are the benefits of a Sealy Posturepedic mattress? Sealy Posturepedic mattresses offer targeted support for healthier sleep. While they’re engineered with responsive coils for full-body support, they’re particularly popular with those who have lower back pain.

These mattresses come in firm or soft to suit different sleep preferences. The added benefit of Posturepedic technology means extra support in the middle of the mattress, an area that can otherwise sag over time. A layer of dense memory foam and additional coils in the hybrid options promote better spinal alignment and more durability for your mattress.

Sealy Posturepedic Plus Collection

The Sealy Posturepedic Plus Collection is the premium line of Sealy mattresses. They come with all the expected comforts of the Posturepedic brand, plus additional pressure relief and reinforced support to disperse weight more evenly.

These mattresses are ideal for warm sleepers. They feature cooling technologies to regulate temperature, promote airflow for a cooler sleep surface, and remain cool to the touch from the moment you go to bed until the next morning.

Mattresses come in firm, medium, or soft, depending on your preferences. While these are the most expensive mattress options from Sealy, the line boasts an extensive record of positive reviews from customers impressed by an upgraded sleep experience.

How Are Sealy Mattresses Constructed?

Sealy mattress construction typically includes materials like innerspring coils, memory foam, and/or gel foam layers. Your Sealy mattress may contain a combination of these materials to suit varying densities and firmness levels, especially if you choose a hybrid style.

The right mattress for you depends on your preferences. Innerspring mattresses are firmer and better for those who need extra support. Foam constructions give you that sinking-in feeling and may be better for those who want extra cushion at the shoulders and hips.

Hybrid mattresses use both coils and foam layers in their construction for well-balanced rest. Most of Sealy’s mattresses use hybrid construction.

Why Buy a Sealy Mattress?

Any of the mattresses in the Sealy mattress collection are backed by a legacy of expertise in sleep. The company’s offerings have only expanded over time to offer more personalized comfort, targeted support for any aches and pains that may be keeping you up, and pressure relief.

Sealy is committed to quality, durability, and innovation, and its mattresses have a variety of price points. At Ashley, our financing options allow customers to keep monthly costs more manageable so they can invest in the mattress they need.

Accessories for Your Sealy Mattress

Once you’ve decided on the right Sealy mattress for you, thanks to our Sealy mattress guide, you’ll want to consider accessories to complete your new bedroom setup.

Sealy Foundations

A quality bed foundation is important to preserving the life of your Sealy mattress. Sealy brand bed foundations are designed to complement your mattress and provide a solid base for your bed setup.

The high-profile Sealy foundation adds 9 inches of height to match conventional box springs. The low-profile Sealy foundation adds 5 inches of height. The foundation you choose will depend on your preferences for the look and feel of your bed.

Sealy Adjustable Base

An adjustable base offers an even more personalized sleep experience for those who have unique preferences and uses for their bed. The Sealy Ease Power Base comes with stackable legs that allow you to choose your desired height in the moment and change your mind as you please.

An easy-to-use wireless remote comes with Zero-Gravity presets that simulate weightlessness from different positions. Return to the flat position at the touch of a button.

All Sealy mattresses are compatible with the Sealy Ease Power Base. Most platforms and frames are compatible as well, but if you know you’d like to purchase one, it’s best to purchase the base first to ensure a proper fit with the rest of your bed.

Upgrade Your Sleep With Ashley

At Ashley, we know that a high-quality mattress is a big investment for your home. We also know how important it is to find that balance of good sleep and durability. Sealy boasts a long-lasting history of ensuring a restful night’s sleep for its customers.

If you’d like to compare with another of our favorite brands, we also carry Stearns & Foster mattresses. Sealy and Stearns & Foster are both owned by the same parent company, Tempur Sealy International. Stearns & Foster is the more expensive of the two, and these mattresses promise a more high-end look and feel. These beds deliver the luxurious experience you’d expect with a bigger budget.

Upgrade the rest of your sleep space while you’re at it with matching furniture sets, bedroom benches, and quilts and coverlets to set the mood for sleep and relaxation. Create the space you need for your best rest at Ashley.