In need of new desk decor ideas for your home office? You’ve come to the right place. While many have recently made the transition to working from home, even if you aren’t used to it, there are some simple ways you can make your space simultaneously more productive and comfortable.

Not only are these home office desk ideas budget-friendly, they’re also stress-free and easy to implement in large and small spaces – all it takes is a little creativity and self expression. You’d be surprised how little touches like picture frames or plants can add new life to your work space and give you a much-needed boost to get through the day. Plus, taking the time to map out your space the way you want is a great way to stay productive through days of endless meetings and projects.

We’ve rounded up 16 of our favorite desk ideas for the home office that’s sure to give you some inspiration as you decorate and organize:

1. Use Unique Accents to Define Your Space

The first thing you’ll want to keep in mind when thinking of ideas for your desk decor is that even the small accessories can dictate your work space vibe. To create a sense of much-needed tranquility, a decorative sculpture can remind you to stay calm when you feel overwhelmed with tasks and everyday stressors. Or, if you want that ultra mod Silicon Valley office vibe, minimalist-style home accents are the perfect choice. Just remember, keeping it to just one or two items is key for honing in on a look while keeping your desk free of distracting clutter.

2. Build a Trendy DIY Terrarium With Succulents

Give your eyes a break from the computer screen with a pop of vibrant greenery. It’s a refreshing sight for tired eyes, and plants have been shown to boost your mood Since succulents are easy to care for and don’t require a lot of sunlight, they make the perfect work space companion. With some extra time around the house, be sure to give this fun DIY Terrarium a try.

3. Keep Yourself on Track with a Stylish Wall Clock

Wall clocks are a practical choice that might not seem exciting, but practical doesn’t have to mean boring. There’s a variety of wall clocks out there and, chances are, there’s one that fits your style perfectly – whether you’re a fan of sleek modern lines, traditional rich hues or beachy-chic flair. It’ll also help you stay on track with your deadlines and team check-in meetings.

4. Make it Personal with Your Favorite Memories

A smile can really make all the difference. Personalize your work space with photographs of your friends, family, pets or memorable moments. Good desk decor isn’t only about aesthetics, but about what makes you feel happy – so surround yourself with good memories to make work more enjoyable, and give those memories a worthy home tucked inside picture frames.

5. Create a Chic DIY Mousepad

If you like getting crafty, then you’ll love this desk decor project. Give your plain old mousepad a totally new look with fabric and spray adhesive in a few easy steps:

  • First, find a fun fabric that resonates with your style.
  • Trace the diameter of your mousepad onto the back of the fabric.
  • Cut carefully and use the spray adhesive to attach atop your old mousepad.

How easy is that? If you love the look of gold metallic polka dots, follow Lovely Indeed’s tutorial here.

6. Decorate With Motivational Messages

Hang up decor with motivational messaging for that little extra push on days you may be feeling unproductive. Whether it’s a simple “be happy” mantra or a quote that brings you joy, there’s plenty of ways you can display an uplifting message or two by your desk.

To recreate this clipboard art gallery look, you can use gorgeous free printables by Craft-o-matic. She took plain clipboards and painted the silver hardware in gold – so you can customize the look with your favorite colors.

Also keep in mind that motivational messaging isn’t restricted to just quotes or phrases – a picture says a thousand words, after all. Hang up a scenic landscape to whisk you away into your creative sweet spot, or consider a piece with artistic expression that reminds you of your dreams and aspirations.

7. Increase Focus With Inspirational Colors

White walls are fresh and clean, but too much white can actually inhibit creativity. Scientific studies have shown that colors can impact our productivity, and that bland gray, beige and white offices can create feelings of sadness and depression. Ick.

You don’t have to worry about going all out with the paint though – a couple pieces of wall art can do wonders for your desk space. Keep the creative ideas flowing at your desk with colors that help improve efficiency and focus and your overall well-being, such as blue, green or purple.

8. Add Dimension With Wallpaper

It’s not your mother’s wallpaper. The quality, styles and ease of use have really improved over time, and nowadays you have a sizable selection to choose from. Going for an urban-chic look? There’s faux brick wallpaper for that. Want to show off your worldly bohemian flair? There are so many vibrant patterns to browse. It’s the perfect solution for a hassle-free accent wall.

9. Organize in Style with Unique Bookends

If you’re a bibliophile, this is sure to rank as one of your favorite desk decor ideas. Keep your favorites and the books on your “to-read” list proudly displayed and within reach. A pair of bookends keeps your literary treasures neatly at bay, all while showing off your personality.

10. Keep Pens and Pencils at Hand

Have you ever been prepared to start working, only to get distracted by a mess? It’s easy to let things get out of control when you don’t have proper desk organization and you’re now home more than ever. Luckily, these trendy boxes neatly conceal all of your small trinkets so your desk area doesn’t become chaotic. Keep them close by for added style and functionality to your desk. Or, you can use small decorative baskets without lids to easily locate and grab what you need.

11. Keep Yourself Calm with Candles

Creative desk ideas don’t have to be purely visual. In fact, scent in your work environment can also have a big impact on your productivity. Keep your mind in the zone with scented candles housed in stylish holders. Lemon, jasmine, cinnamon, peppermint and rosemary are popular scents for boosting both mood and productivity. If you want to personalize candle holders with your own unique spin, consider glass holders. You can easily decorate the exterior or even fill the bottom with interesting textures, like natural rocks for a zen feel.

12. Bring Life to Your Desk with Plants and a Classy Vase

There’s a reason why indoor plants are so popular: they not only improve air quality, but they’re also shown to reduce stress, boost your mood and are nice to look at – of course it had to make our list of best home office desk ideas.

Once you’ve found your ideal plant or plants (be sure to check whether they’re pet safe or not if you’ve got furry friends), pair it with a stylish vase that can hold freshly cut flowers or stand out as an accessory of its own. You can just as easily fake a green thumb with pretty faux flowers in a set of small vases for the same effect.

13. Increase Storage Space With a Monitor Stand

Give your neck, and your desk space, a break with a monitor stand. This frees up your desk’s surface area, allowing you to slide papers, note pads or desk organizer tools underneath your computer monitor.

14. Illuminate Your Space With a Luminous Lamp

It’s desk decor that’s just as bright as you are. Whether you’re blessed with plentiful natural light or have an office space tucked away without windows, you could always benefit from better lighting – especially for extra light. Little pops of gold are always trendy, and integrate beautifully with all kinds of decor styles.

15. Arrange the Essentials on a Stylish Tray

One of the best things about working from home is that you don’t have to stay in one place all day. On a whim, you can take your work with you to your cozy sofa, your patio space or the kitchen bar. Make movement easy by arranging all your essentials, such as pens, notepads and a laptop charger, on a decorative tray. It looks great and makes transferring rooms a simple affair.

16. Elevate Your Decor Accents With Floating Shelves

Desk space is precious, especially if your home office is smaller. A great way to maximize the square footage you have is by installing floating shelves. They’re easy to DIY, and they make it easy to organize your essentials. Display your favorite books and home accents, and add hooks to hang small jars from – what an innovative way to store pens, paper clips and more.

If you’re not the type to whip out the hammer and measuring tape, then this ready-to-hang golden metallic wall shelf just might strike your fancy. With four slots to display your favorite home accents and store your office necessities, this fabulous find will help clear off desk space and inject cool style, all in one.

Did any of our desk decor ideas speak out to you? We’d love to see photos of your new home office. Since working from home for many of us might become the norm for the foreseeable future, make it your own productivity hub that works best for you. The important thing is to remain productive and focused wherever you find your work space.

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