How to Decorate Your Desk the Right Way

When it comes to work, many people find themselves behind a desk. Whether in an office or at home, it can feel monotonous to sit at the same spot day after day, staring at a desk devoid of color, decor, and your sense of style. With an infinite number of ways to decorate a desk, there’s no sense in sticking to a plain one. Read on for inspo and desk decor tips and personalization. We’ll help you every step of the way to make your dream desk come true.

Desk Decor: Ideas, Inspiration & More

How do I decorate my office for work? A quick click on Pinterest will alert you to cool desk decorations and themes to get the creative process going. Once you’ve gained some office desk decoration ideas, you will have a general idea of what you’re looking for when picking out desktop decor. It’s good to have a theme for your desk decoration, so there’s consistency in your desk decor without clashing color schemes to distract you while working. The vital benefit of decorating a desk at work or home is that the desk brings you joy, peace, and productivity.

Whether you’re decorating a home desk or an office desk can make a difference in planning. For instance, your office may have strict policies on how your desk looks, especially if you are a public-facing worker where customers see your desk. It’s essential to check in with your boss before purchasing supplies, particularly if you are a new hire.

The world is your oyster if you’re looking for home office desk decor ideas. If this is the case, you have more creative freedom and can go wild because no one outside you and your housemates will see the desk. Get ready for some inspirational desk decor ideas.

How to Decorate Your Desk

Now for the exciting part: decorating your desk! Let’s start by finding the perfect desk for your individual needs. Assuming that office workers will have a set desk provided, picking out the ideal desk will be for only the home-workers.

Our home office desks come in various shapes, sizes, and utility options to best match your needs. We recommend an L-shaped desk for corner spaces to make the most of the area and optimize your desktop space. Other desk options include lift tops, so you don’t strain your neck when working on your computer. They will lift the laptop to eye level. Picking out material and color will have much to do with whichever suits your theme. Have measurements ready for the room where your desk will go.

Folks ask us, “How do I make my office desk cozy?”. It starts with picking the right office chair that supports your back and helps with keeping the correct posture throughout the workday.

Home Office Desk Decor Ideas

Play to your strengths. Figure out what makes you tick; if you enjoy encouraging messages, a few tasteful pieces of wall decor featuring motivational lines will be the way to go. Or, if nature inspires you, indoor planters or a plant poster will be a beautiful touch.

If photos of family members and friends make you happy, elegant picture frames filled with images of your favorites will be the perfect motivational force to encourage productivity throughout the day. For pet lovers, pictures of fur babies will do the trick.

If your job requires additional supplies besides a computer or laptop, it’s crucial to consider how to prevent clutter from gathering on your desk, as this will make you feel scattered. Little items like fun pens and colorful sticky notes can make the day go by faster and increase efficiency. Home office storage is the way to go. You’ll have a designated storage space where extra items like binders, writing utensils, the printer, paper, and other supplies will live. Bookcases will also make your life easier by giving you space to keep resources or books with inspirational quotes to keep your spirits up throughout the day.

How do I make my desk aesthetically pleasing?

Another aspect of having a cozy office desk is what eases your mind. We recommend a calming theme; pick a soothing color palette that will relax your mind while you work. Select from relaxed blues and greens or warm pinks and soft yellows. An accent of color highlighted throughout various office decor items will make the setup cohesive and mind-pleasing. Alternatively, if you need a wake-up call, add pops of bright colors that get your mind going.

How can I decorate my office desk?

There are many ways to decorate an office desk but for a few starters, think about little ways to bring your personality out in the aesthetic of your space at the office. We recommend a colorful keyboard cover or replacement. Many keyboards are available online or in-store to bring a pop of color to your desk while making it fun to type. Add photos of the things that make you happy, like loved ones or places you’ve visited (or would like to visit).

How to Create a Cloffice at Home

What is a Cloffice? A cloffice is an office in a closet. It converts a closet, nook, or small space into a working office. How do you make a cloffice? It’s a fun process requiring a few new goodies and imagination. An office closet requires more planning than a regular office because it is smaller than a regular-sized home office. How do you make an office walk-in closet? To make a closet office, bring in proper lighting, so you don’t have to strain your eyes while working. Fewer items will be more when it comes to a cloffice, for logistical reasons (limits on what will fit) and aesthetic measures (clutter will make you feel overwhelmed). Keep only the essentials in your cloffice, and use wall space. Shelving will make a big difference in allowing you to store the necessities and put up a few decorations.

You can go either way with the doors of your closet. Removing the closet doors can free up additional space. Alternatively, keeping the doors on can allow you to close off the area when you’re not working so that you can ensure your work stays at work (or in the closet) and minimalize the temptation to do additional work when you should be relaxing. A proper work-home balance is always critical, especially when you work from home.