Summertime is here and there’s no better way to hit the outdoors than hosting an outdoor party. With so many things to celebrate during the summer, your backyard is the ideal place for an outdoor graduation party or an outdoor dinner party. Whether you’re celebrating a special event or it’s just because, there are certain essentials that are must have for every celebration.

When it comes time to plan your outdoor party, it’s always important to write the main things you will need for a successful event. Although not every party needs a theme, it would help add cohesion to decor pieces and create a unified look. Your theme also does not have to be something specific, having something as general as summer allows your creativity and personality to shine through with the decor. A theme can also be a holiday or special event. After that choice has been made, you can dive right into picking your essentials for your party.  Here are five simple steps to hosting a summer party.


Summer decor has come in full swing! We’re so excited to bring the #FreedomToSummer to your backyard and create the perfect summer party. When choosing decor for your outdoor party you should always keep your theme in mind. Whether it’s simple, like a color palette, or more specific like a holiday or event, picking decor that will brighten up the space you’re in will make your guests feel surrounded with summer.

Take your decor to the next level by adding invitations that match. Not only does this make a cute addition to the decor, but it also starts the party as soon as you hand that invitation over. Your invite can be something that your guests can keep at home to remember how much fun that day was. Personalizing a napkin ring with the attendant’s name or the theme of the summer party and the date it took place will keep the fun memories of the event beyond when it happens.


Give your backyard a little makeover before the party begins and create the perfect ambience for your guests to chat by including an outdoor fire pit table. A piece like the Paradise Trail Outdoor Bar Table with Fire Pit, allows you to have the table to display your food and drinks, and then turn it into a fire pit for once the sun goes down for some light or s’more making.

The Paradise Trail Outdoor Dining Table and Chairs creates the perfect layout to enjoy your food and keep conversations going. If you’re keeping your party by the pool, the Easy Isle Sofa Sectional is great for laying poolside and enjoying the sun. Both pieces offer functionality and are all-weather proofed to ensure that the summer rainy days won’t damage the pieces.

Food and Drinks

Create the perfect outdoor setup for food and drinks with a new set of seasonal tableware to make it extra summery. You can mix different patterns and colors to create a combination to match your theme or the holiday you are celebrating. Your summer party setup will not fall short with the perfect summer tableware.

The Rio Turquoise Florida Round Platter makes the perfect centerpiece for any setup. Pairing the serving platter with other smaller pieces from the Rio Turquoise line adds unity to your entire setup. However, don’t be scared to mix and match pieces with different colors and patterns, after all, this summer is about being bold and having fun!

Entertainment and Games

What is a party without games? Challenging everyone to a game of Tic-Tac-Toe, Chess or Foosball will get all the laughs. As for the loser, they’ll be on clean-up duty! Looking for something a little more low-key? Set up a movie projector to watch a movie under the stars. With so many ways to entertain outdoors, your guests will be sure to have a blast.

What about the kiddos? They’re pros at making their own fun but go ahead and set up a table full of board games and sidewalk chalk. If all else fails, turn on the sprinklers and let them run around and enjoy their time outdoors. 


A backyard party without music just wouldn’t be right. As a host, you want your guests to feel pleased and dance to their favorite song. One way to make sure every guest has a song to dance their heart out to is to include a spot in your invitations for every guest to suggest a song. Stringing outdoor party lights above the dance floor is a creative way to invite your guests to dance the night away.

Hosting an outdoor summer party after being inside for a whole year can feel a bit overwhelming. However, having a plan of attack and knowing the essentials to make sure your summer party is successful makes it a lot more fun to plan!

We hope your party is everything that you needed and have a fun time celebrating important events, holidays, or just some much-needed time with people you’ve been apart from.

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