Congratulations on your new home! At Ashley HomeStore, we believe in the power of creating a home full of love, comfort and happiness. And we think that is essential when taking this huge step. Whether you are transitioning to college life, got the keys to your first apartment without roommates, or have just moved to a brand new city on your own, we are here to help you.

We hope to guide you through this journey by inspiring you to create an amazing space. From the color and art on the walls to the throw pillows you toss on your sofa, we have tips and tricks to make this home your own. 

Discover Your Home Decor Style

One great thing about moving into your first space is having the freedom to furnish and decorate it in whatever style you’d like! Do you fancy vintage bohemian decor? Then, find ornate pieces and dress the space with lush greenery! Or are you a fan of industrial style? Add dark metal pieces and minimalist furniture pieces to create a city-inspired look. 

You might also fall into an “unsure” or “all of the above” category, and that’s ok! Your first apartment is where you can experiment and navigate your personal style. Use Pinterest as a guide for creating the perfect space. If this seems overwhelming, start with one thing that interests you, like having a gallery wall or velvet furniture. You will discover new interior design styles and ideas that will lead you to the perfect home! 

You can also “Shop By Style” on our website and explore looks that embody trends like contemporary style, modern farmhouse and more! If one particular style speaks to you more than others, follow the key features of those aesthetics when bringing your space to life. 

Let Your Space Shine 

When it comes to apartment living, lighting is essential. Brightening up your space is an easy way to make your studio apartment look larger. If your home does not receive a decent amount of natural light, find your own way to illuminate things! Hang mirrors in your space to reflect light and create depth. Add bright colors like yellow to recreate the feeling of sunshine. And of course, dress your space in adorable lamps and lighting fixtures. 

Bring the Feeling of Home

Adding personalized home décor to your space will further establish those warm and fuzzy feelings you need to be comfortable in your new home. Bare walls might be intimidating, so start with photos of family, friends and cherished moments. You can arrange them on a floating shelf set for a deconstructed gallery wall look. 

Cozy accents like throw pillows and blankets help keep you warm, and are essentials in the home. They’re also great for layering colors or patterns, and adding dimension to your space. Have a neutral room? A deep-toned blanket will add elegant glamour. A crochet pouf can bring a bohemian flair. Try it and discover the space you can make!

Renter-Friendly Hacks 

Ornate Patterns

If you want to add more personality to your space, try temporary wallpaper! With a number of application methods that vary between skill level, you are sure to create a colorful space. Create a room inspired by the Roaring Twenties with a metallic geometric print. Or bring the outdoors into your home with a floor-to-ceiling floral arrangement.

Hassle-Free Move Out

If you are nervous about modifying your space, just reach out to your leasing office or landlord about your ability to paint the walls or hang curtains and art. If your apartment building or dorm has stricter rules about modifications, try peel and stick hooks on your walls! And before starting a painting project on your space, ask your building’s maintenance professional about what kind of paint they use on the walls. Usually buildings keep those colors in storage to prepare for move outs. 

Optimize Your Storage Space

Your rental might be lacking much-needed storage space for things like seasonal ware, paperwork or your collection of vintage comic books. Whatever you need to hide away in your home, use small-space storage solutions! Shop bed frames that feature under the bed drawers to organize winter clothing you don’t need every day. Or an ottoman with a hidden lift-top for your assortment of throw blankets or your magazine collection! 

Storage solutions optimize your space for the things that deserve to be center stage. Reducing visible clutter can open your home up and give the illusion of more space! 

We hope you savor every moment of this new chapter. Take plenty of photos, make amazing memories, and cherish this time. It may not be your dream home, but it’s the perfect home for you right now. Share the beautiful space you create with us being using #MyAshleyHome on Instagram. Your apartment might even be featured on our feed! For more first home inspiration, browse our Pinterest boards.