Decorating a tween’s room can be a challenge. Between tweens’ ever-changing tastes and fads that come and go, it’s not easy finding a look that both you and your child will like. So where to begin? Here are a few tween bedroom decorating ideas that are both practical and adaptable.  

Furniture that stands the test of time.

Start with sturdy, practical furniture that will last into your child’s teen years or beyond. For tweens, it’s important to choose a bed, nightstand and dresser with plenty of storage for his or her expanding wardrobe.  

New bedding.

Changing out bedding is an easy way to continually update and restyle your tween’s space in a way that is quick, simple and relatively inexpensive. Help your tween select colors and styles that reflect his or her personality.

Fresh paint.

Painting is a simple way to make a big change without spending big bucks. Encourage your tween to search for color inspiration in pillows, throw rugs, bedding or artwork. 

Wall decals.

Wall decals are a good choice if the paint in your tween’s room is okay as it is, but you still want to personalize the walls. The decals peel right off once your tween has outgrown them.

Throw pillows.

Accents pillows are an instant way to add color and texture to a room—and they’re relatively inexpensive, too. Let your tween mix and match fabrics and hues to create a personal style. 

Area rugs.

Eye-catching area rugs add a pop of color and style from the floor up. Available in an array of tween-friendly designs, from geometric to floral, fuzzy to funky, area rugs also bring comfort and warmth to a room.