It’s amazing how much an area rug can transform a room. If you’re looking to roll out big style—for a modest outlay of cash—opting for an area rug is a good way to go. When shopping for the right area rug, choose one that’s roughly the same shape as the accompanying furniture. Cluster the furniture around it or on top of it, place a table, desk or bed at its center—and you’re good to go!  

Area Rugs Tie Together a Room’s Color Scheme

An area rug works as well, if not better, than art or throw pillows to unify your color schemes. 

They Anchor Furniture

Area rugs make a room look connected and cohesive. In living rooms and family rooms, use an area rug that’s big enough to fit under the front legs of your furniture. If it’s too small to do that, center the rug under your coffee table. 

Rugs are Works of Art

Bringing color and graphical elements into a room, area rugs help create a dynamic gathering place. Certain area rugs, such as handwoven style rugs, can also be hung on a large wall, at a fraction of the price of large-scale artwork. 

Rugs Add Warmth, Comfort and Safety

Especially if you have solid-surface floors, such as hardwood, concrete or tile, you can appreciate the cushy relief area rugs bring to your space.

Rugs Work in Every Room

Be it in the living room, bedroom or dining room, area rugs feel right at home. As a rule of thumb; use an area rug under the largest piece, or group of furniture, in a room to anchor the space. 

They Absorb Sound

Especially when accompanied by an ample rug pad, area rugs do a wonderful job of buffering noise.

They Move With You

Wall-to-wall carpeting might be there to stay, but area rugs are all yours to take with you should you relocate.

While machine-made rugs are the most common today, there are plenty of handwoven options that can include everything from precious oriental rugs to affordable jute styles.

A bit about area rug materials:

Synthetic rugs are mostly made from petroleum products. They’re popular for their colorful designs, durability and low price. 

Wool rugs offer a step up with their remarkably soft, plush feel. Most are hand-tufted, with loops of yarn punched into a cloth, backed with latex and then sheared to produce a cut-pile surface. It’s completely normal for wool area rugs to shed a little when they’re brand new. 

Jute rugs are another natural fiber area rug. These are usually handwoven. Though associated with more relaxed/casual settings, they’re a designer favorite in many interiors today because they add texture, lie flat and are easy to maintain. 

Tips for keeping your area rug as good as new:

  • Purchase a rug pad to reduce movement on the floor and prevent rug wear.
  • Vacuum regularly to reduce dirt accumulation.
  • Blot spills immediately. Avoid saturation with water.
  • Rotate occasionally to reduce the effects of traffic and sunlight.