All eyes are on outdoor furniture, and it’s no wonder why. Exquisite style merges seamlessly with all-weather materials for furniture you’ll love relaxing in throughout the changing seasons. However, just as you would with interior spaces, give careful consideration to furniture placement. Read on for a few tips on how to arrange outdoor furniture to best suit your landscape and lifestyle.


Your eye is naturally drawn to a focal point when you enter a room, even if that room is outside. The focal point could be a fireplace, a paved veranda, or a pool. If your outdoor area doesn’t have a natural focal point, you can create one with furniture. A sectional is a great place to start as it’s substantial enough to draw attention.

TIP: Measure your space before purchasing to avoid overcrowding.


Similar to decorating inside, keep in mind the traffic flow. Consider how guests enter and exit your outdoor living space and place furniture accordingly. Try to position furniture so the heavy traffic areas are behind or to the side of the main seating area to prevent foot traffic in front of you or guests.

TIP: Use an outdoor area rug to define your space and provide comfort underfoot.


If your outdoor area is large, consider multi-purpose zones. You might have a sectional seating group in one zone, a poolside bar in another, and a dining table and chairs in the next. To increase eye appeal, coordinate the zones by keeping color and/or furniture styles consistent, so it doesn’t look like a mish mash. Even if styles are different, just adding color coordinated cushions and outdoor rugs can help bring it all together.

TIP: If you’re a grill master, make sure the cooking equipment is away from the main seating area to avoid enveloping your guests in smoke.


Even in the great outdoors, you can feel cramped and crowded if there’s too much furniture. In tight spaces, think about ditching the large dining table and opt for a smaller seating group. You might enjoy a fire table with deeply cushioned lounge chairs for comfortable, casual entertaining. Even better, choose a fire table with enough space for drinks and nibbles.

TIP: Furnishings that can pull double duty are ideal for smaller spaces. Ottomans or tables with storage space can help keep the area tidy.

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