Halloween is here and we’re ready to send chills throughout the entire neighborhood! Whether you’re decorating indoors, outdoors, or tricking out every room, you want your home to feel like quintessential Halloween. Planning a party comes with the initial prep of deciding on a theme to help guide you in the decoration process. Some popular Halloween party themes that would make your party a blast include carnival, haunted house, graveyard, or mummies. Themes can bring a little extra spookiness to your night and help ensure that both you and your guests have a blast.  

After you pick your theme, begin gathering a guest list. Then create cute Halloween party invitations that match your theme. This will make you feel like you’re an official party planner and kick things off in a delightfully frightful way.  

Halloween Party Decorations 

Once you’ve got your theme and invitations ready, it’s time to shop! You will want to pick out Halloween decorations that transform your space. Whether you’re choosing to have a themed party at home or you’re just flowing with the Halloween spirit, your decorations will liven up the party. Looking for some Halloween party decorations that’ll easily transform your space into a haunted house?  Check out the following list to make your haunted house a scream: 

  • pumpkins: whether you’re carving your own or just adding some decorative gourds, nothing says Halloween like pumpkins around your home. Another way to incorporate pumpkins is with jack-o’-lantern string lights or garland around your home.  
  • Cobwebs with spiders: cobwebs are a quick way to get the Halloween vibe going indoors and out. You can hang them over your furniture, across the ceiling, or add them to the front door for the perfect Halloween door decorations. Just don’t forget to add the spiders! 
  • Photo backdrop:  you have to get those spooky selfies in! Having props for photos will make your Halloween party a bit more fun. If you can’t get props, create a backdrop by taping a tablecloth to the wall or make a DIY cobweb backdrop. These projects are also a great opportunity to get your kids involved in the decorating process. 
  • banners: bring on the spirit of the holiday with a “Happy Halloween” banner, “Trick or Treat” banner, or create your own unique statement banner. It’s a simple way to add a little Halloween spirit to any empty wall, walkway, or small corner.    

Halloween Home Decor 

Decorating your home for Halloween with simple decorations helps get the Halloween spirit flowing. However, tying it all together with your home decor really gives it a special touch. Start off with fall entryway decor, then add paper bats, decorative jack-o’-lanterns, and a themed runner. You can also set up outdoor Halloween decorations by wrapping your door with toilet paper for a mummy-like look, or add a Halloween wreath for a little scare at your first Halloween hello. 

Trick out your living area by adding black plants, then decorate your mantle with skull heads and plants. And of course, we can’t forget Halloween pillows and throw blankets! These will get you and your guests in the mood for scary movie marathons. Continue the ghostly spirit with tabletop decorations like Halloween placemats, table linens, and plates. The Claudine Bowl set makes a great centerpiece, and you can even add a little dry ice to it to create the ultimate ghostly setup. Don’t have time for the ice to work its magic? Don’t worry! For the ultimate Halloween effect, the Smoking Halloween Skull can become the center of attention on your tabletop. It’ll frighten and delight the little ones for sure. 

Halloween Party Snacks & Games 

You can’t have a party without Halloween-themed party snacks! Once everything in your home is ready for the scariest night of the year, it’s time to prep the menu for the evening. Making these treats is an event for the whole family, so gather around your kitchen island and bring on the chocolates. 

If you’re on the hunt for Halloween treat ideas, here are a few boo-tiful recipes that you don’t want to miss: 

Chocolate Boo-scoties 


biscotti cookies 
chopped white chocolate 
chopped dark chocolate 
purple, green, orange food coloring (optional) 


1. microwave the white chocolate in a bowl until melted, stirring in 30-second intervals 
*optional step: separate into a separate bowl and add food coloring for a little Halloween fun 
2. dip biscotti cookie into the white chocolate and refrigerate for 15 minutes (or until set) 
3. microwave the dark chocolate in a bowl until melted, stirring in 30-second intervals 
4. dip a toothpick in the dark chocolate to add faces to your ghost biscotti 
6. serve and enjoy! 

Mini Reese’s Bats 

10 mini Reese’s Cups 
5 Oreos 
20 Candy Eyes 
1 tbps. peanut butter

1. gently remove the cream from the Oreos, then cut into fourths 
2. apply a small amount of peanut butter to the end of each Oreo 
3. press onto the Reese’s cup to make wings 
4. place a small amount of peanut butter on the back of two candy eyes 
5. place on top of the Oreo wings 
6. serve and enjoy!

Getting your Halloween party food together should be a fun experience. Make it even more memorable by taking cute pictures with the family while making these tasty treats. 

Lastly, don’t forget to bring on the Halloween party games! Little partygoers will love a witch ring toss or skeleton scavenger hunt. You can also make Halloween-themed slime or run a mummy race.  And of course, we can’t let the kids have ALL the fun. Make small stations for adults to have a laugh or two as well. Adult games could involve a pumpkin carving competition, apple bobbing, or a murder-mystery game. 

Halloween is a special holiday many people love and treasure. You’ll make everlasting memories with your loved ones during this fun fall holiday. There’s nothing that compares to the laughs we share during one of the “scariest” nights of the season (even if they’re caused by all the sugar intake!) 

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