A new-fangled approach to an old favorite, beefed up for that special Dad in your life. Call this a Bloody Marty and be sure to come to the party with a hearty appetite. This drink leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination!


Gather Your Goodies

Bloody Mary Ingredients The key to reinventing your basic Bloody Mary recipe is to use the best ingredients available at your local market or in your backyard garden. There are a wide variety of mixes to get you started. Rim the glass with celery salt or a blend of sea salt and spices, add ice, vodka and the mix. And now comes the fun part—show Dad he’s the tops by topping off his drink with something a little different. If Dad is a BBQ-lover, then grill a skewer or two of his favorite combos and drop them into his glass. If sushi is his thing, feel free to put some on a bamboo stick to liven up the look. Take a peek at some of our ideas, and then customize them to work for you.

Baby dill pickles

BBQ steak, pork, chicken

Blackened, grilled fish

Celery spears

Cherry peppers stuffed with prosciutto and cheese

Cherry tomatoes

Chicken tenders

Chunks of salami, cheese

Cucumber slices

Dilly green beans

Fried green tomatoes

Hot mixed pepper salad

Marinated artichoke antipasto

Marinated asparagus

Marinated mozzarella

Marinated mushrooms

Marinated olives of any kind

Mini grilled cheese

Mini hamburgers or cheeseburgers

Olives stuffed with blue cheese, feta, almonds, etc.

Scallions (as stirrers)

Slim Jim’s jerky sticks

Tail-on shrimp

          Texas toast points


Now that’s not just a drink, it’s a meal!

Have fun celebrating Father’s Day your way. Let us know how it went over at your house in the comment section below.