Laugh. Play. Rest. Repeat. Our GenNow™ kids is the new generation of style, and we believe all kids need a happy and organized place to call their own. Whether your little ones have their own rooms or share with their siblings, we’re here with design tips and know-how to make it feel like their personal sanctuary.

Bonus: designing a cheerful and fun area in which they can play and dream may just deter them from thinking your bed is better. Here’s to more sleep (and space) for everyone!

Girls Only

Who could ever have nightmares or monsters lurking under their bed in a room this girly and cute? Incorporate some of her favorite things as décor (in this case, it is cute farm animals). Also, a neutral color wall color like the one pictured is versatile and can remain for years to come as she matures and grows older.

Rest assured, it doesn’t have to be ALL pink. Fun, floral hues and functional kids beds that double as storage are great alternatives to spark her creativity and imagination.

Boys Only

Now, let’s hear it for the cool dudes who also need a room to express their big and bold personalities. An instant theme can be inspired by their favorite sports team or their two favorite colors. It’s as simple as that, and you can have fun creating their special space together.

A bookcase is a great way to clear the clutter and house all of their action figures, memorabilia, pictures and more. They’ll get a sense of pride showcasing their favorite things, and you’ll be obsessed with how organized everything will be.

Let’s Play Nice

If the kids share a room, we’re all about promoting a no-fighting zone. This can be achieved by literally having one of everything. No favoritism here. Baskets at the end of each bed can provide storage or extra blankets and pillows when they need them. We also love the idea of a teepee or private nook where they can escape to have some alone time or even do their homework. Turns out, sharing a room with their brother or sister may actually not be the end of the world.

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