The holidays are a time of family, fun and friends, and what better way to emphasize such heartwarming cheer than to decorate an entryway? It’s the first impression your loved ones have when walking into your home and is an important part of getting in the spirit of giving.

If you’re wondering how to glam it up holiday style, check out our 30 second video and tips below for inspiration:

Have a Base

  • Feel free to leave any existing wall art or decor in your entryway—it’ll get built upon.
  • If you don’t have anything currently, consider an accent cabinet or coffee table for an easy place to store gifts and accessories.
  • Place a holiday rug inside or outside your door to set the stage.

Greenery and Lights

  • On a banister, windowsill or wall, place wreaths and greenery for that warm, feel-good pop of color.
  • Add lights, candle holders and lanterns for a stunning, picturesque backdrop.
  • Putting your Christmas tree or other holiday decor accents here means your family will always have a jolly view when coming home.

Get Creative

  • Decorate your way—use Christmas throws, door hangers or even treat bowls to paint an inviting atmosphere and welcome guests from the cold (or not so cold, depending on where you live).
  • Having a white fuzzy decorative pillow is a fun way to add a winter wonderland feel to your entryway.
  • Consider any ornaments or seasonal decor elements that could be the shining star topper to your space.

Are you prepared for the holidays? We’d love to see your assembled holiday entryway in all its glamour and beauty. Feel free to use the hashtag #MyAshleyHome, and you could get featured on our Instagram.