A cozy bedroom feels like a warm hug, welcoming you home with soft surfaces and charming details. And while you know your bedroom should be a cuddly haven, it’s not always easy to blend the exact feel you want with your personal style. But don’t worry, you can and will achieve both! The secret is to balance aesthetic appeal and rich, soft textures so you get the best of both worlds in one bedroom design. And no, you don’t have to settle for beige colors or basic designs just to enjoy a more comforting bedroom experience.

A cozy bedroom will do more than just soothe your nerves. With the right comforting bedding and calming colors to nestle you to rest, you may find yourself getting better sleep and feeling more refreshed when you start your day. Let Ashley help in your quest to build a haven of your very own with comfy sheets, cuddly pillows, and so much more.

Which Bed Types Are the Coziest?

A warm, cozy bedroom begins with a comfortable bed. A soft and plush mattress is a great place to start because it cradles you and gives you a warm sleeping environment. However, the bed frame and its design also play a big role in how cozy the sleeping experience is overall. Some of the coziest bed types include:

  • Four poster and canopy-covered beds that surround you with privacy-enhancing curtains
  • Alcove and nook beds built right into the wall to create a den-like environment
  • Beds with headboards and sideboards upholstered in rich and fuzzy fabrics like velvet and chenille.

Even modern platform and freestanding bed frames can feel cozy with the right details. Add freestanding headboards with cuddly details and pile on the pillows for a cozy environment with any type of bed. Contrasting layers of bedding are a good way to build up the appearance of an otherwise utilitarian bed frame.

Choose Comfy Pillows and Sheets

Speaking of pillows, a whole pile of them really adds to the cozy factor of any bedroom. And don’t just limit pillows to the bed, either. If you have any accent seating or a loveseat in your bedroom to make it a living space, make sure to add throw pillows there as well. The coziest bed and throw pillows don’t just feature a plump, overstuffed design and extra soft filling. Covers made with soft textured fabrics like faux fur and brushed cotton terry encourage a cozy cuddling experience. Down pillows are another good choice for adding a more luxurious and comfort-focused approach to bed accessories.

Don’t forget about the importance of comfy blankets and throws as well. Starting with the sheet sets, look for soft fabrics like flannel in the winter and t-shirt-style jersey sheets in the summer. There’s no need to give up on coziness when temperatures rise since even silk sheets offer a cuddly feel without overheating you at night. Try layering blankets of varying soft textures, such as a fluffy chenille bedspread over a stonewashed sheet set, to create a sanctuary to nestle into each night. Chunky knitted and faux fur throws complete any sitting area or bed. You’ll soon find yourself looking forward to bedtime each night.

Create a Cozy Feeling Bedroom

Cozy bedroom decor goes beyond the bed itself, of course. Expand your approach with comfy bedroom ideas like:

  • Incorporating more wood and natural materials like rattan, dried grasses, and bamboo
  • Using extra soft drapes and fuzzy upholstery options on furnishings like chairs and loveseats
  • Adding faux or real houseplants
  • Shag carpeting or rugs to soften hard floors
  • Paper and fabric lamp shades with thicker textures that help diffuse the light for a softer glow
  • Canvas totes, boxes, and bags used for storage without the hard lines of shelves or crates.

Cozy Bedroom Colors

For a warm and welcoming bedroom that feels like a hug every time you walk in, you’ll need a comforting color on the walls. Muted and earthy tones are good choices that tend to be warmer and more welcoming than traditional pastels. Stick to cooler shades like blue, gray, and sage green for a calming experience. If you want to go with a red, orange, or yellow color palette, look for highly diluted and faded versions that won’t inject too much energy into the room, but also add plenty of warmth. A classic warm cream background is always a good choice for walls, floor, and more because you can add warmth or coolness with accessories that pop with color.

Try an Easy Bedroom Refresh

There’s no need to overhaul the entire bedroom just to make it feel cozier, especially if you’re working with a budget. A few darling details boost the comfort of the room and give it a sense of welcome without requiring you to remove anything you already enjoy. For example, try finding a corner for fitting in a cozy chair for bedroom reading and relaxation. Drape a fuzzy throw over it or toss it on a pillow for instant comfy appeal. Just updating the pillows and bedding on your bed can make an instant overhaul, changing your room from cool and crisp to warm and soft.

Find Cozy Bedroom Decor

Once you’ve found your new favorite comfy sheets, turn your focus to the rest of the room. The final steps in learning how to make a bedroom cozy involve accessories that contribute to a calming and comforting appearance. Try handmade decorative items like macrame wall hangings, tapestries, embroidered poufs, and fabric art. Move furniture a little closer together, creating the illusion of a small cottage-style bedroom even if you have a lot of extra space. Keep lighting soft and indirect, except for one or two spot-lighting areas where you might read or do other activities that need good lighting. Finally, try details like pampas grass or dried flowers to finish off the look.

Choose only the coziest decor from our selection here at Ashley to get the bedroom you’ve been dreaming of. Stock up on cuddly bedding and accessories like pillows and throws that keep you cozy all year round.