A stylish home requires regular updates to stay on top of the trends. And you definitely don’t want to forget the bedroom when planning your home-décor refresh. While your boudoir is a private space rarely on display to guests, it still deserves a beautiful and inspiring look that makes you feel peaceful and relaxed. Bedroom styles continue to adapt, and 2022 is no exception. This year’s bedroom trends blend both new and old elements, creating an aesthetic that is both comforting and exciting.

Overview of Bedroom Design Ideas

Designers and homeowners alike are focusing on themes of coziness, comfort, and high-quality materials for trending bedroom decor this year. This is reflected in a wide range of bedroom trends that may draw from older or even historical designs, yet with updated sensibilities that truly bring the styles into the current day. Tendencies towards softer fabrics, muted color palettes, natural materials, and divided spaces all indicate a return to cozy nesting instead of cold, open areas. Where elegant or larger master bedroom designs are needed, a focus on dark colors contrasted against warm neutrals remains a hot trend.

Bedroom Trends

The individual trends of the ideal bedroom are distinct, yet they’re easy to reinvent with your own personal touches. Most of these trends draw from enduring design features rather than fads. With the mindful application of these bedroom design ideas, you won’t feel the need to immediately redecorate as soon as the winds of trends change.

Woven or Wrought Headboards

Moving away from the minimal platform bed trend of years past that often banished the headboard, we bring a renewed interest in bold materials and unusual construction. Today’s headboards can be made from rattan, wrought iron, or another classic material like bentwood to tie the modern look with the sentimentality of years gone by. Curating an elegant bed starts with the headboard, so go bold with woven and twisted designs that draw the eye.

Smaller Bedrooms

Small bedrooms keep the bed the centerpiece of the whole design, demanding more care when selecting furnishings and decorations. We encourage you to pare down your style and avoid clutter when working in a smaller bedroom space.


Single-surface designs are visually clean and modern, but they can feel a little cold and impersonal in the bedroom. Embrace the cozy and vibrant layering trend instead by placing multiple materials over each surface. This can take the form of two rugs overlapping over a hard surface floor for warmth or numerous types of throw pillows along the headboard. Limit the layers to just two or three repeated designs to stay focused rather than eclectic for a relaxing room.

Light and Muted Colors

For on-trend bedroom designs, swap dark woods and finishes for light and muted color palettes. This is especially recommended for furnishings like bedroom dressers, which are traditionally darker in color. Using lighter shades for such larger pieces in the bedroom, especially in a smaller room, will significantly impact the room’s overall mood. There’s no need to go all-in on cottage style; just lighten up with pastels or muted shades of your favorite colors.

Natural and Soft Materials

For bedding, upholstered furniture, and decorations, stick with natural and soft materials that follow the cozy focus. This can take the form of houseplants or their silk equivalents, tufted pillows and rugs, upholstered ottomans and seating, and wall tapestries rather than just framed artwork.

Bedroom Styles That Will Last

Generous-yet-soft lighting remains a long-lasting trend in bedrooms. Whether that means using large windows to capture natural light or investing in fixtures and bulbs that create a welcoming glow, it’s an investment that is worth the cost. Unpainted wood remains an ideal way to bring Nordic or Alpine style to the bedroom without making the room feel cold. Look for clear-coated birch or pine for a warm-wood color palette that blends with the natural themes of today’s bedroom design ideas. Bedroom styles come and go, but using timeless ideas and elements will ensure the room still inspires you years from now (with only minor updates).

Trending Bedroom Colors

Ready for a warm sanctuary to balance out cooler colors used in the rest of the home? Peach and mint are a trending combination that harkens back to the art nouveau movement while still looking modern and fresh. A more vibrant palette could be built around trendy forest green or ocean-blue colors. Pastel and gently muted versions of green, blue, and red are peak bedroom trends this year.

Trending Bedroom Decor

Today’s bedroom decor trends aren’t entirely unfamiliar. They’re all classic features found in bedrooms from as far back as the turn of the century. These features were given a fun twist or update for today’s lifestyles. Bedroom seating is a prime example of this trend. You can do so much with a well-placed and comfortable chair in the bedroom, both on a practical and decorative level. Upholstered features add patterns and colors in almost any combination. At the same time, you can pair the seating with a small desk or entertainment center for private relaxation outside of the living room.

Additionally, room dividers are a great way to bring coziness and delineated zones to bigger bedrooms. If you’re currently embracing wicker or iron for the headboard, you can tie the room together by tying that material into the divider.

Finally, big art remains a popular pairing with bold headboards that make fierce statements. But unlike the pairings you might have seen in bedroom design books from the 1960s or 1980s, today’s art is much more likely to be abstract or geometric than landscapes or photography.

Modern Master Bedroom Design

The master bedroom is often the refuge for more than one family member, necessitating compromise and a vibrant design that embraces all personalities. Master bedroom design requires even more adherence to a style theme since it’s easy to develop a mixed or split design without this kind of focus. Look for larger pieces of furniture like modern wardrobes and armoires that can store the belongings of more than one person. A shared master bedroom design has to be equally comforting and expressive, often including elements of the living room as well today, thanks to the increase in home-sharing this year and beyond.

Modern touches mingled with classic design elements create the ideal, trendy bedroom. Let your personal needs and compulsions for coziness lead you to a design you’re sure to love for years to come.