We all know a #girlboss—the woman who’s fearless, unstoppable and just seems to do it all with ease. So when it comes to gift shopping for the boss lady, the process can be a little daunting. Rest assured, we’ve found the perfect picks that fuse her desires for practical function and trendy style.


A Wall Clock—So She’s Never Late in the Mornings

A #girlboss has a lot on her plate and is always very busy. A clock ensures that she stays on track with time—and this one is so on-trend with its faux marble face and metallic gold accents.

A Mirror Fit For The Queen Bee

A strong, fearless woman needs style that reflects her bold taste.

Denita Accent Mirror

Wall Art to Inspire Her

If the #girlboss in your life is making it big in the big city…or dreams of it big out there, she’ll love this aesthetically pleasing cityscape.

And of course, most #girlbosses share the same blood type: caffeine.

Small in size but powerful in sentiment 12” W x 12” H canvas will remind her to follow her dreams.

Stylish Organizing Tools

These bookends are beautifully finished and will keep her ever-growing book collection neat and tidy.

She’ll love the versatility of these boxes. They can be used for storing everything from office supplies to life’s mementos.

Fresh, Fun Desk Decor

Home Accents Greenery

A natural element is always a welcoming sight indoors—but she may be too busy throughout the day to stay on top of caring for a delicate plant. This realistic faux orchid is the perfect solution.

A golden touch for her desk decor. This set complete with pictures frames and hurricane vases will bring a perfectly balanced sparkle to her life.

Soft candlelight is a pleasant visual, especially if she sits underneath harsh fluorescent lighting at her office desk. If candles in the office are a no-no, they can double as stylish pen holders.

A Place to Rest Her Tired Feet

Meetings, deadlines, errands—a girlboss is always on the go and has to squeeze in some rest when she can. This fluffy pouf has that extra plush touch she’ll love at the end of a long day.

An Incredibly Cozy Resting Spot

The faux fur upholstery just feels so luxe…she’ll love running her fingers over it, and the major “wow” factor it creates.

A Gorgeous Ombre Throw to Stay Warm at the Office


If she’s a corporate #girlboss, she’s probably all too familiar with arctic office conditions. Surprise her with a throw blanket that’s as stylish as it is cozy.

Chic Cushions For Long Days

Extra padded comfort is important for long bouts of sitting. Give her back a break with comfort and her heart a smile with cool, trendy style.

A Fashion-Forward Throne for Her Office

Lizmont Accent Chair

A busy #girlboss deserves to feel like royalty, and this gorgeously tufted accent chair has all the elements to do just that.

Modern Accent Chair

Mid-century modern is so in right now. #Girlboss is sure to love the retro flair of this bucket style seat and geometric legs.

A Plush Rug for a Cozier Office

lattice gate designed gray and cream white area rugs
Gate 5’3” x 7’5” Rug

Extra layers of comfort (and flair) never hurt anyone.

A Lamp that’s as Bright as She is


Whether she decides to keep this beauty by her bed or on her  desk, she’ll love that it’s not only stylish, but also practical. Anyway, who can resist touches of metallic gold?

The Perfect Workspace to Reach All of her Ambitions


It’s the #girlboss dream—a perfectly designed workspace. This modern office desk is clean-lined and so easy to design around, plus a matching chair and file cabinet perfectly complete the look.

With so many ideas, gift-shopping should be a breeze this year. What are you planning to gift the #girlboss in your life? We’d love to hear!

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