She’s the first one you call with big news. She’s the soft place to land when there’s bad news. She’s your teacher, your touchstone, your friend.

She’s Mom.

A photograph of a mother and her baby on a sofa reading a book.

And with Mother’s Day right around the corner you might be tempted to present her with yet another box of candy or bouquet of flowers…but why not do something truly special this year? Show her how much you care with a carefully chosen gift that will have her thinking of you every time she sees it.

Here are some of our favorite types of moms and fabulous gift ideas to make sure you’re mom’s favorite.

The Glamour Girl Mom

Sure, she’s your mom, but inside this type of mom is a girly girl who loves a little bling. Make Mom feel like Hollywood royalty with furnishings that bring out the screen goddess in every woman.

Modern Farmgirl Mom

This mom is a country girlat heart who loves keeping the home fires burning. She treasures the simple things, so make her Mother’s Day simply perfect by giving her furnishings that celebrate heritage and traditional style.

The Bohemian Mom

Back – way back before you were a twinkle in her eye – your mom was a free spirit who developed an appreciation of rich textures, powerful colors, and all things global. Celebrate her wanderlust with bold, eclectic gifts that any world traveler would appreciate.

Beach Girl Mom

For as long as you’ve known her, she’s loved the shore. In fact, no matter how far inland she lives, home has always been a coastal-inspired retreat. Indulge her love of all things beachy with seaside-worthy furnishings that will make her swear she can hear the ocean.

Thoroughly Modern Mom

No flowers and frills here. This mom loves simplicity, with smooth, clean lines, neutral colors and absolutely no muss or fuss. Her approach may be minimal, but these gifts ensure it’s still fabulous.

Mom’s signature style is as unique as she is – with our curated shops, enjoy finding just the right piece!