There’s nothing like turning the lights low and relaxing with an epic video game. Whether you’re into action or role-playing games, there are so many adventures in store for you and your friends. Today, there are more ways to game than ever. You may be a casual gamer who just needs a cozy sofa and TV, or you may want a tricked-out gaming cave with LED lights and a professional gaming chair to complement your high-powered gaming PC.

But before you disappear into the metaverse, having the right gaming accessories will take your playing experience to the next level. Which accessories will make your gaming room comfortable and suitable for hours of fun? What basics does every gamer need in their gaming oasis, and what accessories can make your experience even more deluxe?

Gaming Accessories & Gear

Gaming room furniture is specially designed to keep you sitting comfortably as you reach new heights in your game. Ergonomic gaming chairs, side tables for snacks and storage, TV stands, computer desks, and creative lighting are just starters of what you can find. What are the best essentials to create or enhance a gaming room? Check out these gaming must-haves!

Gaming Accessories to Level up Your Game

There are the basic gaming accessories such as controllers and consoles that everyone needs to get started. But then there are the gaming gear and gaming storage solutions that will enhance your experience unlike anything else, transforming your hobby from something ordinary to extraordinary. Shift the mood and make your gaming room the ultimate escape with these must-have gaming supplies.

What accessories do gamers need?

Each gamer is unique. One might be a professional influencer who needs to sit for hours playing a computer game live for their followers. Another may be a casual console gamer who prefers a cozy living room couch and an excellent living room set that accommodates a large TV. So, to find out what you need as a gamer, you must first figure out your greatest needs and wants.

Do you want space for a miniature fridge and microwave for your late-night snacks? Or, do you want to splurge on a stylish and ergonomic gaming chair that will protect your back and neck from strain? When you figure out what kind of gamer you are, you can get the gaming room accessories you need.

What does a gaming setup need?

The most basic gaming setup requires seating and furniture to support a TV, console, or computer that you play games with. You may also just need a couch if you prefer to play handheld games. If you enjoy VR, then prepare a gaming room with a lot of space! A soft carpet can be stylish and also provide a soft landing if you take a tumble during active VR play.

To find out what you really need, do a test run. Simply play your games with your current gaming room setup and make a list of what you liked about the experience and what you wished you had. Do you lack gaming storage for your headsets? Do you wish your gaming chair had a cup holder? How about your seating—was it able to support you for the time you wanted to play, or do you need something ergonomic to make sure your back doesn’t hurt after a long session? When you figure out your likes and complaints, you can then find the furniture and accessories that provide solutions.

Are controllers considered gaming accessories?

Yes, controllers are considered gaming accessories. Video game accessories include everything that isn’t the console or computer itself. Therefore, accessories encompass a broad category that includes everything from power adaptors to headsets. This means that everything from your pro gaming chair to a gaming desk is part of your accessory ensemble.

What’s Some High Scoring Gaming Gear?

So what’s the creme-de-la-creme of gaming gear? Which accessories will make the ultimate experience come to fruition? Ashley has the right gaming furniture and accessories to create the gaming cave you’ve always dreamed of—one that’s comfortable, convenient, stylish, and super functional. Our high-scoring gaming gear includes:

  • Charging Stations — So you don’t have to charge controllers on your console and create clutter!
  • Gaming Recliners — These are specially made for gamers with segmented padding, a headrest pillow, a built-in cup holder, and a side pouch to store headphones and controllers.
  • Chair Mats — An absolute must for PC gamers who have carpeting, allowing easy rolling from one side to the other.
  • Monitor Arms — For large monitors, these clamp-on arms are king. Suspend one monitor with a single monitor arm and adjust it to the height and angle you need. We also have double monitor arms for serious gamers who use two (or more) screens at once! Not only do they look incredibly awesome, but they save a ton of desk space!
  • Gaming Desks — Fully decked out with storage hooks, headset holders, USB ports, and cutouts for easy cord management, these were made by gamers for gamers.

What equipment do pro gamers use?

One of the predominant statement pieces of a pro gamer is a really, really nice gaming chair—the kind that can support you for hours and not result in a hurt back or neck. An ergonomic gaming chair allows you to rest easily without straining your neck, all while offering other comforts like a cup holder and places for cords.

There are also special gaming desks with a unique indented curve to allow gamers to lean in; these features aren’t typically found in standard writing desks. And finally, pro gamers spare no expense on the quality of their headsets and other tech. Top audio quality comes from brands like Shure and Bose, while top-of-the-line parts are added to their PC for maximum performance. If you want to craft the ultimate gaming oasis, check out our tutorial on how to set up a gaming desk!

Organize Your Inventory With Gaming Storage

Find everything you need to keep your space neat with the right gaming storage and organization. You can browse our gaming furniture collection or regular bedroom and office collections to find a wealth of storage options that include space-saving storage ottomans, bookshelves, desks with ample storage space, floating shelves to maximize vertical storage space, and furniture specially designed to store headsets, microphones, cords, and controllers. Keep everything in order so you can find everything you need instead of scrambling around a disorganized room!

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