Gathering with family and friends for Easter is a great way to celebrate the religious holiday or just usher in the beautiful spring season. And if you are the one hosting the big Easter bash, you probably want to plan a party that your guests will talk about for days to come. This means you’ll need to prepare plenty of fun Easter activities for guests of all ages to enjoy!

Here are a few simple tips for planning an Easter bash full of food, fun, and themed activities.

How to Cook up a Tasty Easter Feast

The Easter meal is one of the most important parts of the spring soiree. Whether you are preparing a modest dinner for four or an elaborate brunch for all 10 members of your extended family, the key is to plan ahead. With proper preparation, you’ll be able to enjoy company instead of having to scramble around (or get stuck in the kitchen!)

Mastering your Easter Menu

When it comes to what to serve for your Easter party, ham is the quintessential choice. Ham is to Easter what turkey is to Thanksgiving, so it’s hard to imagine an Easter brunch or dinner without it. Ham can be easily cooked earlier and then warmed up when it’s time to eat. Plus, it’s just as good served cold or at room temperature as it is hot out of the oven.

With ham as the main entree, the options for side dishes are endless. Think of pairing your ham with a potato dish—such as scalloped potatoes or oven-roasted potatoes, and a vegetable such as grilled asparagus or honey-glazed carrots.

Remember to be mindful of any food allergies your guests may have or, if they are vegetarians, make sure to have a main dish they can eat in lieu of ham.

Bunnies, Pastels, and Eggs—Oh, My!

Once you’ve decided on the Easter meal menu, you’ll want to add some flair to your dining room table. There are many different Easter theme options that you can incorporate into your decorations. Festive ideas for Easter decorations include floral print dishes, brightly colored glassware, pastel-colored eggs, Easter grass, fresh spring flowers, and bunnies!

Unique Ideas for Coloring Easter Eggs

Lend your own artistic talents to your Easter decor with the holiday tradition of dyeing Easter eggs. There are sorts of new tips and tricks for Easter egg dyeing these days. You can decorate your Easter eggs with paint pens, glitter glue, or even puff paints.

Can’t find regular egg-dyeing materials in the store? Believe it or not, Kool-Aid can be used as an alternative to traditional dyes.

Easter Activity Extravaganza

Now for the really fun part: the Easter activities! Hosting the perfect Easter party means having enjoyable activities for kids of all ages. Of course, a traditional Easter egg hunt is always a hit, but there are other things you can do to keep your guests entertained. Here are a few games to play with your Easter guests:

Egg Decorating Contest

Invite your guests (adults and children alike) to participate in a friendly egg-decorating contest. Supply them with plain hard-boiled eggs and decorating tools like markers, glitter, paints, nail polish, stickers, and let them create. Instead of having one overall winner, you can present awards in different categories. Come up with fun ways to win, such as winners for the prettiest egg, the ugliest egg, or the most unique egg design.

Jelly Beans in a Jar

Fill a mason jar full of jelly beans and ask your guests to guess how many they think are in the jar. This is a set-it-and-forget-it type of activity that guests can enter at any time during the gathering. Prizes are given to the person whose guess comes closest to the actual number in the jar.

Egg on a Spoon Race

After everyone has found all the eggs hidden in your egg hunt, you can use those eggs again for a relay-style competition where runners have to balance an egg on a spoon while they race to a finish line. Dropping the egg is an immediate disqualification.

Bocce Eggs

You can also use hard-boiled eggs to play an Easter-themed version of bocce ball, which uses eggs instead of balls. To play, you’ll need two sets of four eggs. Each set will need to be a different color. An uncolored egg will be used as the target for the game. The goal is to toss the eggs towards the target egg. Whoever gets their egg closest to the target wins.

Sack Race

In this fun-filled game, contestants race against each other by hopping like the Easter Bunny while inside a potato sack or pillowcase.

Pin the Tail on the Easter Bunny

Think Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but with an Easter spin. Players are blindfolded, spun around a couple of times, and then let go to attempt to place a tail on a picture of the Easter bunny. Whoever gets the tail closest to where it should be wins a prize.

Easter Egg Toss

Ah yes, the good ol’ egg toss. In this game, players partner up and form two lines. They then stand facing their partner. At first, partners stand close together and toss the egg back and forth just once. After each subsequent toss, both partners take a step back, getting farther away from each other. The farther the partners get from each other, the greater chance the egg will drop and disqualify them from the game. The pair that makes it through the game without dropping the egg wins.

Prize Ideas

Contestants in any game play to win, so make sure you’ve planned out the prizes you will award to the winners of your Easter games. Your prizes can also have an Easter theme, such as a mini basket filled with Easter treats, toy bunny rabbits, or bright Spring flowers.

Don’t Forget Easter Baskets

Easter baskets are essential to any Easter celebration. Traditionally, Easter baskets filled with jelly beans, chocolate bunnies, yellow Peeps, and other goodies await the children on Easter morning, similar to presents Santa leaves on Christmas.

But Easter baskets aren’t just for kids anymore. Several fresh new Easter basket ideas can bring a smile to guests of any age. As the host of your Easter party, you can present each of your guests with small Easter baskets of goodies at their seats at the dining table. Or, award the winners of your Easter games with an Easter basket prize. You can find all sorts of goodies to fill your Easter baskets on a short trip to the local dollar store.

Prepare for Easter Festivities with Help from Ashley

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