Looking to make your home a cozy oasis for fall? You can simply draw inspiration from the world around you! A stroll outside reveals grounds decorated with fallen leaves colored in red, orange, brown, and hints of green. These rich, warm tones are complemented with cool, crisp breezes. If you feel compelled to snap up new, snuggly clothing and change up your home fashion into the scene, you are not alone! Autumn just changes the world in a magical way.

Needless to say, one way to make your home instantly on-theme is to decorate with fall foliage. This guide will show you how to make your home cozy and inviting for all the festivities in store this season. From Halloween to Thanksgiving, or a relaxing Autumn solstice celebration, you can use Ashley’s guide to get properly fall-ified. Using a variety of fall decor from Ashley will bring your fall visions to life. Read on for ways to make your home comfortable and ready for the new season.

Make Your Home Cozy For Fall

There are so many ways to make your home cozy for fall that you never have to stress about finding your next favorite theme. With the variety of cute new additions in Ashley’s fall decor and accents, you’ll have plenty of ideas to sift through to spark inspiration.

First, remove all the summer decorations such as pillows, throws, and decorative accents to get started. This gives you a blank slate to easily envision new decor. A bare sectional and coffee table can transform into a lovely fall-themed nook with foliage decorations and much more. Here are some great ideas to get your autumnal plan started:

  • Use gold accents like fall leaf wreaths, golden leaf-shaped plates, candleholders, and other gold-plated accents to add pops of sparkle around each room.
  • Play fall music in the background to set just the right mood for any room of your house. When in doubt about what to play, check out major streaming services like Spotify and look up songs about the fall.
  • Integrate warm colors like orange and mustard in place of traditional summer colors like hot pink. Brown, rust red, and magenta are also lovely fall colors that you can integrate with designer fall wreaths and garlands, throw pillows, and knit blankets.
  • Make delicious fall-themed food and beverages. Treats like pumpkin spice latte and baked apple pie look even more delicious when you place them in fall foliage-themed mugs and plates, too.

Fall Decor to Make Your Living Room Feel Cozy

Your living room is your go-to crash pad at the end of a long day. Getting home after a long 9-5 and watching your favorite show or collapsing on the couch after putting the kids to bed means your living room is the hub of at-home comfort. Putting fall textures and colors into your living room will make it even cozier. Here’s how to turn your living room into the ultimate fall oasis.

  • Trade out your summer throw blankets for something plush and knitted to give your fall living room a refreshing ambiance. Chunky knit blankets made out of soft materials like chenille and brushed cotton can turn any sofa into a cozy fall seat. Drape it over the top of your seats to add a splash of color and seasonal texture to your furniture, taking you from summer to fall in a snap.
  • Place new fall throw pillows at the corners of each sofa. You can find many beautiful designs, such as fall leaves, to add dynamic style to your room. You can even add a fall leaf accent chair in the corner of the room to match your fall leaf pillows and strike a more visual balance.
  • Decorative saucers and dishes are affordable and impactful accents that support your living room’s new colorscape. They can also hold fall-themed candies like caramels or simply be a place to keep your remote control.

Create a Festive Table Centerpiece

Fall tablescapes are incredibly important for entertaining, especially during major celebrations like Halloween, Friendsgiving, and Thanksgiving. Whether you want to “go big” or keep it simple, creating a festive centerpiece is the perfect way to embrace the season. It doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming either. For example, decorate your dining room table with a variety of gourds on a golden leaf-shaped plate. This adds brightness and natural beauty to your tablescape and makes your home on-theme for little cost. Other great ideas include placing small pots of artificial fall foliage in the center of the table or spreading natural fall leaves across a table runner.

Add Fall Foliage to Your Front Door

The first impression guests have of your home comes from your front door. Create a welcoming ambiance with on-season accessories like Ashley’s fall wreaths and garlands, wall art, and outdoor lighting. Frame your door with pottery full of artificial fall arrangements to add even more inviting colors. Synthetic foliage lasts all season and can last for years when stored correctly, so they are excellent investments for your home. Here are a few more ways to jazz up your front door for the fall.

  • Does your door look outdated? Update its hardware, such as hinges, doorknobs, and knockers, to make it look sparkly and new. A fresh coat of paint also does wonders. If your door looks too outdated for these upgrades to matter, then a new door can be in order this fall, too.
  • Got a patio? Our outdoor sofas and loveseats can also set the stage. Simply accessorize them with more outdoor fall-leaf pillows and table accents to prep your guests for your lovely decorated door and home’s interior.
  • Want to be low-maintenance? Fall leaf decals or a simple welcome mat are more than enough to add some zest to your doorway. As time goes on, you can add enhancements like outdoor plants or a few pumpkins.

It’s Time for Fall Leaves, Y’all!

Embrace this refreshing season with all its colors and cool breezes. Using fall foliage is one of the most treasured and traditional ways to dress up your home with the beautiful autumn hues. Find everything you need to prepare your home for this upcoming season at Ashley.

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