One of the latest styles that we’re sure your kids will love is timeless navy. It anchors a room like no other color can. Navy-colored furniture and accents can help you turn a kids’ bedroom into a seaside escape. Let’s face it, in today’s action-filled world, why not create a tranquil place where the kids can go? Navy is a cool, enduring color that calms and sets the mood of just where they want to be … by the sea.


You’ll find that navy provides endless design possibilities for furnishing any room because it easily complements or contrasts with other colors. For example, match white, gold, yellow or red with navy, or simply add a touch of navy in a plain white room to start the creation of a seafaring mecca.

Kids will Love the Family Room, Too

Since your family room is where kids spend a lot time, use navy-colored furniture and accents for the happy feel of a seaside vacation. White and navy stripes are perfect for crisp nautical effects. Pair a navy blue sofa with another accent piece like a deck-styled chair. Then, use poufs, pillows or pillow covers popping with navy-colored designs for a final splash of maritime color.

For tabletop seascapes, decorate with accents of all types. Start with a model ship you and the kids may have built then surround it with seashells, sand dollars and starfish they found at the beach.

Wall decor is important to kids. Paint the walls navy then use white accents like sea turtles or crabs for a graceful sea effect. Don’t be afraid to use fun paintings when choosing the perfect color schemes full of bright colors, especially ones depicting beach themes. Get the kids involved too! Have them roll up their sleeves and pull out their paints and supplies for an art project. Create original pieces of artwork to be framed and displayed on the walls. These trigger creativity and will make them proud.