The Living Room Coffee Table

There was a time when the only option in front of a chair group or sofa was a coffee table. They were key designer pieces that not only served a purpose, but also evolved into works of art in their own right. Today’s coffee tables come in a variety of styles and functionalities ranging from traditional to modern and everything in between. There are lift-top, glass-top and slab-top tables that bring different sensibilities to your design. The list is constantly growing as manufacturers respond to evolving consumer needs.

The Living Room Ottoman

The evolution of the ottoman as a table emerged from the human desire to eat, relax and socialize simultaneously. Primitive man, not wanting to miss out on any of the cave-gossip while munching on his pterodactyl wings, rolled a comfy bolder up to the fire pit, propped his tootsies on a nearby rock and sat back to enjoy the evening. Not the most auspicious beginning, to be sure, but one that evolved into our current-day sofa and ottoman pairing. The ottoman’s multiple personalities and versatility make it the obvious choice when relaxation is the primary focus of the room. Ottomans have morphed into a variety of styles with enhanced functionality: storage ottomans allow throws, magazines and the endless remote collection to remain close at hand, flip-top ottomans quickly transform from a footrest to a serving tray and oversized ottomans that stand-in as additional seating. Plus the addition of casters on an ottoman makes rearranging your room a breeze.

16804-VERTICAL-MOOD Ottoman


The Supporting Pieces

Poufs, the ottoman’s mini-me, are just as cute as their name implies. Once found only in children’s playrooms, these adorable characters are turning up in fun patterns and materials, individually and in groups, in casual or elegant settings. The upholstered bench (or ottoman on legs) also makes an ideal accent table, especially when paired with substantial sofas or sectionals. These benches bring a lighter, airier look to the space without sacrificing surface or seating areas.

Can’t Decide? Use Them Together

In the right setting, it is entirely possible to use these accent pieces together. There are no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to living space design. Poufs are showing up tucked under glass-top coffee tables or benches. Smaller, one-seat benches are paired in front of a sofa with trays for serving or as additional seating next to coffee tables when larger furniture might block the view into the room. The list is endless. There are so many fun ways to arrange tables, ottomans, poufs and benches these days, you really can’t go wrong. Use whatever tickles your fancy and fits in with your lifestyle to create your perfect room.


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