Spring signifies renewal, rebirth, and creativity. Even if you’re still putting on a jacket or grabbing a spring throw to chase away a chilly breeze, spring is the perfect time to infuse your home and your life with a burst of energy, color, and new spring decor.

While spring’s warmth makes it tempting to reorganize and revamp your space from top to bottom, you really just need a few spring decorating ideas to give your home a whole new look. Get ready to let in the sunshine and fresh air in a way that fits your budget. Ashley has you covered with spring home decor ideas that you’ll love to share with family and friends.

Spring Decorating Ideas

If you’ve dropped by a garden center or grocery store lately, you’ve likely already been inundated with spring ideas. Perhaps you’ve stopped to smell the gardenias, azaleas, roses, or a few citrus trees. With plants budding and blooming, spring home decor naturally involves flowers, fruits, and a celebration of nature.

Let Plants and Flowers Bloom

You might be surprised by how revived you feel just by popping a bouquet of fresh daffodils or a lush green fern on your table. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can still incorporate spring’s growth and promise using artificial spring flowers and wreaths. Ashley offers faux flowers and plants with silky textures, refined details, and other realistic touches that you’ll love seeing all season long.

Start your floral rejuvenation by tucking a few peonies into a teacup and placing them on your windowsill. Or toss a few cherry blossoms stems into a pitcher on your breakfast table.

Set out an orchid such as a grand Phalaenopsis on your mantel to make a huge spring statement. You really can’t overdo it with plants and flowers this time of year (or in any season!)

A set of five glass bud vases on a recycled wood tray provides a charming setting for succulents or blossoms atop a dresser, on a bookshelf, or as a centerpiece. Add some botanical table linens, and you’re ready for a springtime lunch.

Place a few spring pillows and throws around the living room or bedroom. You can find beautiful designs featuring botanical or floral imagery and a mix of vibrant texture, color, and touchable trimmings like crochet and tassels. Then use spring rugs and doormats in playful patterns to welcome guests with the season’s spirit.

Top off your porch or an accent wall with a wreath of sunflowers, succulents, or green olive branches. If you enjoy farmhouse-themed spring decor, try a rustic circle of thin branches and colorful blooms or a grouping of wispy lavender.

Invite Fruitful Spring Dreams

Fruit is a versatile accent in spring home decor because it translates easily into spring wall art, bed linens, towels, rugs, curtains, and pillows. Swap out those winter bowls of nuts for baskets or bowls of oranges, lemons, or limes to add zest to a drab table.

Brighten your spring table decor further with faux lemon branches and table runners, and set the table with napkins featuring lemon prints.

Don’t forget the melamine plates in popular spring colors such as green, purple, and orange. Add clear or rainbow-colored glassware for a touch of springtime sparkle.

Nurture Your Home with Nature

Warm earth tones, creamy whites, vintage-inspired decor, and natural touches are all part of the latest home decorating trends for 2022.

Natural fabrics and other organic materials are an ideal match for spring home accents such as candle holders with leaf-detailed bases, clay plant pots, palm-leaf baskets, and handwoven rattan trays and placemats.

Since spring also means new life, look for vintage or natural decor that incorporates butterflies, birds, bunnies, and other telltale signs of the season.

For example, including subtle hints of Easter decor in your living space can’t help but lift one’s spirits. Pair your Easter Decor with spring flowers either on your coffee table or displayed as botanical wall decor.

What are Popular Colors for Spring?

The colors of spring are unique unto themselves. Delicate and soft, they’re a reflection of that specific quality of light that comes from the earth tilting back toward the sun’s warmth.

Because of Easter, many people often think of pastels as spring colors, but a range of colors and hues is appropriate for the season. This year, these include lovely colors such as:

  • Muted greens (such as sage, mist, or cypress)
  • Blue and purple hues (think lilac, lavender, and sky blue)
  • Citrus shades (bright yellow and tangerine)
  • Rich tones (coral, scarlet, pink, rust, and caramel)

These colors inspire creativity, so don’t think you have to use them only in one way or in one room.

Sunny yellow flowers and textiles can liven up any room, and lilac-toned runner rug or candles can add a fresh palette to a bedroom or bathroom.

Terracotta pinks and jewel-toned greens are two shades that designers say radiate soothing warmth and comfort as accent shades, so try them in spring pillows or outdoor decor.

Complement any spring shades with darker tones such as aubergine, black, chocolate, and deep gray for added contrast, depth, and personality.

When to Decorate Your Home for Spring

Don’t feel awkward about being the first house or apartment in your neighborhood to put out a spring wreath. While some people might prefer to wait until the first official day of spring or around Easter before decorating for spring, Ashley gives you the OK to break out the spring home decor whenever you feel inspired.

If you’re eager for a little spring (and aren’t we all?), just bring out those floral prints and greenery to renew your space instantly and boost your mood. You just might inspire your friends and family to step into spring, too!