There’s an art to setting up the perfect guest room. Striking the right balance of making guests feel at home, while also making them feel like they’re on a relaxing vacay, isn’t an easy task. After thoughtful consideration, we’ve compiled a list of the 12 must-haves for creating the perfect guest room. While it may be up for debate whether we’ve crafted the formula for perfection, we can say with total confidence that we’ve come pretty darn close. 

#1: Lay Out Cozy Bedding

Guest rooms are a place for resting, so this definitely isn’t the area to skimp out on or put on the backburner. Choose soft, breathable bed sheets made of cotton, microfiber or with bamboo. High-quality sheets can truly change the way you sleep. Top off crisp sheets with a pillowy-soft comforter set and a variety of pillows (from ultra-plush to firm). 

Pro tip: You can upgrade your air mattress situation to a memory foam mattress for as little as $149. Our Mattress in a Box kits are the perfect solution for creating a guest room that feels like a luxury hotel, no matter your budget.

#2: Set Up a Hydration Station

One of the most common issues travelers experience is not drinking enough water. Make this an easier problem to solve for your guests by setting up a bar cart with water bottles. Or, if you’re entering super-host mode, pour an infused water concoction into a portable water dispenser for your cart. Classic combos like cucumber and lime or raspberry and mint are always hits.

Pro tip: Throw in some healthy snacks while you’re at it! Fresh fruit and protein bars are perfect choices.

#3: Keep it Tech-Friendly

This is one most guests are sure to appreciate: Keep an extra phone charger in your guest room and leave a note with the Wi-Fi password. This little extra step will save lots of potential hassle.

Pro tip: A bedside nightstand with built-in USB charging stations is ultra-convenient.

#4: Stock Up on the Necessities 

Shampoo, soap, toothpaste and a loofah are the toiletry basics you should have on hand. Arrange those along with an extra set of bed and bath linens and bundle it all into a basket. Neatly arranging it makes it feel like a care package especially for them!

Pro tip: If you can swing it, going beyond the basics with items like house slippers or moisturizing lotions can really make all the difference.

#5: Get Lit…

With a bedside lamp! One of the most annoying experiences is fumbling about a dim room you’re unfamiliar with. Even if you already have a ceiling fan or floor lamp, adding a table lamp on a nightstand or desk is a smart choice. If your guest plans on doing any reading or work while traveling, that extra boost will come in handy.

Pro tip: If you’re short on surface space, consider hanging a pendant light over a nightstand. This option works just as well, and it’s so fashion-forward.

#6:  Prevent Stubbed Toes

Have you ever tried walking the dark halls of someone else’s home at night? You can’t flick on the lights, you’re trying to stay as quiet as can be and then—ouch!—you’ve stubbed your toe on a corner. Prevent stubbed toes by plugging in a couple nightlights in the hallways of your home.

Pro tip: Buy automatic nightlights so you don’t have to turn them on and off every day.

#7: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Not every guest room has space for a large dresser with mirror. But no matter the square footage of your spare room, you should always have a mirror for guests to make dressing in the mornings easier.

Pro tip: Opt for a full-length mirror and place it in a spot with good lighting.

#8: Tick Tock, Tick Tock

Sure, most of us use our smartphones to check the time, but having a wall clock definitely helps—especially since some of us like to unplug while on vacation. A clock will help ensure your guests stay on track and don’t miss out on planned activities.

Pro tip: Keep an old-school alarm clock on hand. You never know—your guest might need a backup option!

#9: Hang Up Some Curtains

For one, your guest should be able to control privacy and the amount of light coming in. Secondly, adding drapes creates a personal touch in any room, and your guests are sure to love the homey feel.

Pro tip: If lots of late nights are part of your guests’ plans, consider purchasing blackout drapes to block out the bright morning sun.

#10: Freshen Up the Room With Flowers

It’s the little things that make one smile. A vase of freshly-cut flowers is the perfect thing to wake up to in the mornings—it only helps lift up your mood!

Pro tip: Some plants like Peace Lily or English Ivy have naturally detoxifying qualities, and they’re super easy to care for!

#11: Reading Nook

Take a comfy chair, a plush pouf and a cozy throw, and you’ve got yourself the coziest reading nook. With all the hustle and bustle of travel, your guests will appreciate a private corner to themselves to unwind.

Pro tip: Invite your guests to relax by keeping a selection of interesting reading material in the guest room.

 #12: Desk Space

Whether it’s hashing out details of their itinerary, or getting some emergency work done on their laptop, having some workable surface space will come in handy. The desk doesn’t have to be huge—something small, sleek and simple should suffice nicely.

Pro tip: Stash away a few essentials in the drawer, like pens and paper.

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