Create a Gender-Neutral Bedroom Design You’ll Both Love

If you and your sweetie can redecorate the master bedroom without a single squabble, you deserve a pat on the back. Even couples with shared interests and seemingly perfect relationships can struggle to find harmony in bedroom decor. But fear not—we have three tips to help you create a master retreat that appeals to both of your aesthetics. 

Choose the Color Scheme

Even if you’re on opposite ends of the spectrum—rusty red and sage green, for instance—your favorite colors can work magic together. The trick is to use the hues sparingly. Instead of painting all four walls a standout color, choose one wall as a focal point. Then, bring in complementary colors in the form of artwork and patterned bedding.

Blend Furniture Styles

If you can both agree on a style of furniture… great. But what if he likes the clean, modern look and you like vintage decor? It’s easy to marry both styles beautifully, especially since eclectic bedroom decor is all the rage. 

Think “Couple” First

A cozy master bedroom retreat should provide a timeout from the real world (that includes work and the kids). Put the focus on you as a couple – not the computer, TV or gaming console. Create a small sitting area with a loveseat and table for reading together or having your morning coffee.