As we reflect on the past year, one thing we are incredibly thankful for is family. Opening up our homes a little more this year and inviting our loved ones back for small gatherings has us feeling prepped and ready for Thanksgiving. Planning for the day is very much underway and as the tables inside our heads begin to turn, we envision what we want our table to look like for Thanksgiving Day. Then, once the recipes are locked and we’re ready to start cooking – it’s time to take on the most memorable Thanksgiving Day yet.

If you’re looking to refresh your typical Thanksgiving aesthetic and incorporate new Thanksgiving table decor ideas, look no further than Ashley

Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

Before the delicious aroma of turkey and cranberry fills the air, it’s time to gather your ideas for your beautiful tablescape. As you plan out what your table will look like this year, you might feel overwhelmed with Thanksgiving dinner table decor ideas. We’re here to inspire with these ideas, that’ll have everyone in love with your tablescape.

Keeping it simple and traditional

Break out the family heirlooms and sentimental decor – it’s their time to shine. For many, tradition is what they love about the day. If you’re not ready to give up on your traditional setup, here are some ideas to help you brighten up the table.  

Give your orange and yellow tabletop linens, a pop of color with fall floral arrangements, pumpkins in assorted colors and sizes, and bright white candles.

Finish it off with a personal touch! Add “gratitude leaves” to your Thanksgiving centerpiece for a touch of fun and modern flair. Using leaves of every fall color straight from your backyard, have your guests write one thing that they are thankful for on each one and spread them around the table.

Modernize your Table

Modern Thanksgiving table decor can add a small twist to the look of your overall space. Create a welcoming atmosphere with soft hues, touches of metals such as gold or rose gold and plenty of greenery.

Looking for more playful Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas? Say goodbye to the traditional brown, orange and reds of Thanksgiving and take on a brighter color palette. A pink and gold palette adds fun and playfulness to your table setting. Using gold plate chargers and metal bowls, over a pastel pink tablecloth creates the perfect balance of modern elements that won’t overpower a floral centerpiece.

If you’re not ready to modernize your entire centerpiece, turn a traditional cornucopia into a full disco Thanksgiving feast bursting with vibrant colors. How do you achieve the look? Once you have a cornucopia of your choice, fill it with small disco balls so that they pour out.

Add flowers in an array of colors to fill any small gaps on the cornucopia. Finish the look with placemats, linens and tableware in the same color palette as the centerpiece to keep a unified aesthetic.

Take the party outside

Outdoor Thanksgiving table decor can seem a little untraditional.  However, you can still incorporate every aspect of traditional Thanksgiving decor while sitting outside next to a toasty fire.

A neutral fall tablescape filled with bright white pumpkins, vibrant blooms, greenery, and white candles on a plaid tablecloth is one outdoor option that incorporates traditional elements.

For a rustic outdoor touch, switch out the plaid tablecloth for a white and orange tablecloth paired with pinecones, small twigs, and greenery from your own yard.

Whatever aesthetic you choose, don’t forget to add something cozy! Hosting Thanksgiving outdoors means being out during a chilly evening, so laying a blanket or two on the outdoor dining chairs for guests to cozy up under will be the perfect way to warm up.

All about the details

If you’re all about the small details when decorating your home this one’s for you. Top off your perfectly photogenic Thanksgiving table decor with small details to show off those hosting skills. If turkeys feel overused to you, then give your turkey decor a little bit of luxury with a set of gold resin pumpkins.

Brighten up your table with metallic accents. Add candleholders such as the Mercana Gold Table Candle Holders or napkin rings like the Saro Lifestyle Leaf Napkin Ring. Metallics add a clean and elegant style to any setup make your outdoor thanksgiving table decor a dreamy experience. Add a light string set above your setup to bounce light off the beautiful pieces on your table, giving your evening a little sparkle.

Make a DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Let’s create the perfect Thanksgiving table centerpieces to pair with your delicious Thanksgiving dinner. Don’t worry, it’s simple and fun! You can even use items you already have around your home. Just grab your favorite pumpkins from this year’s decor and start creating a photo-worthy pumpkin vase centerpiece. 

Follow these simple steps to complete a grand floral centerpiece. 

Step 1: Grab your favorite pumpkins (the more sizes the better).
Step 2: Make sure your pumpkins are hollowed out and seed-free*
Step 3: Insert a water-filled vase inside your hollowed-out pumpkin.
Step 4: Place your floral arrangements inside the water vase.
Step 5: Add extra sparkle with shiny gold tacks along the ridges of your smaller pumpkins.
Step 6: If you’re planning on using your centerpiece outdoors, pair it with some lanterns for added warmth.
Step 7: voila! you’re ready to gather around and celebrate all the wonderful things you’re thankful for.

*please keep in mind that real pumpkins last about five to 10 days.

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