At Ashley HomeStore, we want to help inspire you to create your dream home. One filled with comfort that will be a host for amazing memories, while of course being adorable. If you are decorating your first space or feel that your home is due for a makeover, we want to help you build something beautiful. Starting from the ground up might be overwhelming, but we are here to share our secret interior design weapon with you… Pinterest!

Pinterest is an amazing tool to help curate your design preferences and discover what you love in home décor. Create mood boards to inspire your home makeover, room revamp or new home altogether. If you are transforming your home or moving into a new one, plan out your dream space with a mood board. Here are some tips to get you started. Let’s get pinning! 

Find Your Colors

Before breaking down your design preference, let’s decide on your color scheme. This seemingly small decision can help you navigate your endless list of ideas and can lead you to picking a design style for your whole home. 

If you feel overwhelmed by this decision, take baby steps. Pin photos of landscapes that inspire you or fill you with happiness. Once you see your mood board coming to life with color, you will be able to see your color palette. Is it full of warm tones like blooming flowers and deserts? Or did you pin photos of the ocean and lush forests? Pinterest is all about curating mood boards that inspire you, so start small and allow that to inform your larger decisions. To create your dream home, sometimes it’s ok to fall down the digital rabbit hole. 

Design Features You Love

Now that you’ve discovered your color palette, let’s open the scope of our search to feature photos of interior design. Recall every place that made you fall in love with its interior design and create Pinterest searches based on other spaces you admire. Do you love the crown molding in your aunt’s Victorian-inspired home? Or did you fall in love with that bohemian coffee shop you found around the corner? Think about those spaces, the ones you wish you could package up and take home with you. Now you can! 

With your mood board full of beautiful colors and adorable spaces that you obsess over, let’s decide your interior design style! 

Do you like a neutral palette with rustic spaces? You’ve got modern farmhouse! Bring the barn to your space with accents like antiqued wood pieces and exposed brick. You love the juxtaposed look of pairing this rustic with industrial pieces like dark metals and sleek furniture designs. All you need is a cozy throw blanket and you’ve completed the look!

Like a warm-toned palette and airy spaces: I like to call this look “warm modernism”. You love minimal spaces, but are drawn to warmer colors like clay, maroon and peach. When creating a space, you like to keep things simple so bold accents can really shine. Add some green plants to really make the space stand out.

Like a vibrant color palette and mis-matched spaces: You’re a bohemian lover! You take inspiration from all sorts of interior design styles. In a bohemian space, you can find modern accents paired with mid-century furniture and vintage pieces. There are really no limits when it comes to creating this fun-loving eclectic space that is built upon adorable accessories.

Like a cool-toned palette and city vibes: You are destined for an industrial space! Even if you live in a small suburban town, the views of the skyscrapers call to you and you want to showcase them in your space. Stick with an edgy style of metallics and deep cool colors like navy and forest green. 

Connect With People Who Share Your Style

Now that you know your style, find others who share your interior design visions! You can do this by clicking on the profile linked to a pin you liked and following the owner of the post. Many of the interior designers and influencers you follow on Instagram also have a Pinterest page! Search by pin and board to find a community of people who share your desire to create your dream home. 

You can also share your Pinterest board with your friends and family to get a second opinion. They might also help you find more pins within your design style. But always remember that you are creating your dream home, so don’t let the opinions of others sway you away from what you really want. 

Manifest Your Vision

Let’s bring the board to life! Sometimes you may have to leave some ideas behind for the sake of the space you’re in. Your apartment complex may not allow for certain modifications, or some additions may be outside of your budget. But that’s ok! You can find DIY options on Pinterest, too. 

Now that you are at the shopping stage, keep your Pinterest board up as you scroll through our website to find what fits your vision. You can also use our Shop By Style feature if you have a clear idea of your interior design style.  

We’d love to see the amazing mood boards you create and the spaces they eventually inspire. Share your Pinterest board with us in the comments below to energize our future home renovation plans! You can also use #MyAshleyHome on Instagram to show us your home makeover, you might even end up on our feed.