A modern-day retreat is top of the list for many of us. Here at Ashley HomeStore, we believe that getting a vacation and family time is a must! That’s what Brad Rempel of High Valley had in mind for Cottage at the Ridge. Brad purchased the land at the beginning of quarantine for his family to use the cottage as an escape. As construction progressed, he came to the realization that it could become a source of relaxation and inspiration for other artists.

The cottage quickly became not only a retreat and songwriter’s oasis but also a staple for the community. Ashley HomeStore had the pleasure to furnish Cottage at the Ridge and turn it into a beautiful modern farmhouse-style loft in the mountains of Nashville, TN. With iconic colors such as the most debated paint color, Iron Ore, the cottage is styled with full functionality. In a way that accentuates not only the main pieces inside the space but also compliments the landscape around it.

If you’re inspired by the cottage and are ready to bring the look home, all the images are shoppable. Simply hover over any room you like, click on it, and the products will become available for you to shop.

Are you ready for a peek of modern meets mountains? Let’s dive in below for a look at Cottage at the Ridge.

A Glorious Modern Farmhouse

As you walk into this space, your eyes will immediately notice the dark grays and browns, which pairs beautifully with the natural landscaping right outside the windows. Adding metallic elements that the light can bounce off from, such as the gold hardware on the various décor pieces, help bring the light inside the space, making it seem bigger.

 “The main thing we had in mind, was get outside. And if you can’t be outside … you want to feel like you’re outside.”

Brad Rempel via Celebrity Homes Unlocked

The downstairs living area features Brad’s favorite piece of furniture, the Hirvanton Coffee Table. In small spaces, functionality is key when picking certain elements. The Hirvanton coffee table features a lift-top turning any area into a dining space. The accent chairs gathered around the windows and coffee table allows for great seating with abundant natural lighting. It’s the perfect area to sit and watch the sunset in the evenings.

The Kitchen of Your Dreams

Accessories or accent pieces can transform your current kitchen to the kitchen of your dreams. Simple elements such as adding a bar cart or display stands can help bring that modern element to your home. Adding textile elements such as a runner can really tie a look together. You can customize and create the perfect kitchen to cook those delicious meals hidden on your Pinterest boards.  

These Mid-Century Modern bar stools are the perfect addition to sit and enjoy any meal, any time of day. They also allow for a perfect view outside – to the mountains we’re dying to explore! You couldn’t create a more picture-perfect kitchen.

Catching some zzz’s

After any long day, getting that beauty sleep is a must! Can you imagine the comfort of this king-size bed? Whether you’re inclined to share or not, there’s no better way to wake up rested and refreshed than in this area!

The black and white space is balanced out with the gold accent pieces. This combination is essential in creating a serene ambiance to match its surrounding. Art and decorative accessories are a great way to incorporate color into an area while also maintaining a minimalist feel.

A Comfy Modern Loft

Making our way through the rest of the Cottage at the Ridge, we move to the upstairs loft area. Which features the Savesto five-piece sectional in a beautiful charcoal gray. This is the perfect place to jump into once your travel day is over or simply at the end of a day outdoors.

Behind the seating area, you will find two sets of bunk beds. Creating an upstairs area that complements all aspects of the house is quite simple. Keeping the theme consistent with neutral tones, allows this area to soak up as much light as possible. Additionally, the brown tones in the throw pillows are a great way to incorporate the elements from the downstairs area in the loft space.

An Outdoor Treat

If after a year of being inside you’re in need of some fresh air, the beautiful outdoor space at Cottage at the Ridge will be perfect spot. With a dining area and beautiful patio furniture that’s host ready, this could be the new setup for all your outdoor events.

The Paradise Trail Outdoor Lounge Chairs make it easy for anyone to enjoy some time away from the main space, allowing you to be front and center with nature to fully rest and recharge. They bring the neutral tones and modern accessories featured inside the cottage outdoors. Paired with the fire pit table, not only does this combination allow you to enjoy some s’mores, but also to have some great conversations!

Recreating the look of the cottage in your home is easy. You can shop main pieces for each room and find accent pieces that complement that piece. Continuing to incorporate recurring colors such as the brown, dark grays, and chrome accents in the fixtures around your home is a great way for everything to flow naturally and tie the entire look together.

Want to see more of the cottage? Head to our YouTube Channel to watch Brad himself give you a personal tour or you can head to the Cottage at the Ridge’s Instagram page to continue to indulge in its beauty.