We have a helpful interior design tip to transform your entryway: style every square inch of your home to reflect your personality. When creating your dream home, it’s easy to become focused on the bigger picture. The comfy couch for movie night, the five-star dining experience or the cloud-like bed are at the top of your renovation list. But let’s not forget the small areas in our home that can reflect our personal style just as much as the main rooms.

For your next home project, take a look at your front door! Your entryway is your personal welcome home every day, and acts as the first impression for guests. Make this space stand out and speak to your style and the aesthetic of your home. With the help of our Interior Design team, we’ve compiled some mood boards to get you started on your small space transformation. Check out these adorable entryway concepts.

Everything’s Coming Up Roses

Want to bring the delicate flora and foliage of springtime to your space? Revamp your barren entryway and plant a beautiful scenery with a floral-inspired look. A pastel color palette mixed with neutral pieces is a great way to brighten up your entryway and open the door to blooming shades of pink, blue and orange.

A tip for an entryway is to hang mirrored wall sconces. These additions give the illusion of more space, and the reflection of light will brighten up the area. And maximize your entryway with smart storage to keep the hallway clear, like a console table to store rain boots and umbrellas. There’s no need to bring April showers into your adorable space. 

Sleek Style Starts at the Entryway

Fans of minimalism and modernism alike can elevate their entryways by taking on a “less is more” approach. Focus on the essentials of the space to keep the area functional and clutter free. When thinking of this design, ask yourself questions like:

  • Do I need additional storage?
  • Will I use this to check my makeup or outfit before leaving the house?
  • How can I make this space work for me?

Optimize this small space with a compact coat rack to store damp outerwear after a day in the rain. You can also achieve the look with a floating shelf that features hooks for your jackets or bags. We suggest adding a storage bench for days you are running out the door and almost leave your footwear behind! 

Slow Roast or Cold Brew?

Turn your favorite beverage into home décor! Sometimes, creating the perfect space is like discovering your favorite coffee blend. Every room should be catered to your order … or your personal style. Here’s one way to use your entryway space to build a coffee house experience!

In your front entry, think about how your storage pieces work in your home and reflect your eye for interior design. Your furniture and accompanying pieces can also function fashionably! An accent cabinet offers sleek storage for all your essentials and provides extra counter space for your amateur barista needs. Stock the coffee corner with your favorite roasts, mugs and accessories.

Cheers to this Entryway

Recreate the moody ambiance of your favorite rooftop bar in your home, with the added benefit of a quieter atmosphere. This concept also features one of our favorite pieces of décor: plants! Make an entryway that is inspired by your local pub, a high-end spot featured in the paper or the home bar of your dreams!

For folks without a green thumb, we suggest faux plant varieties that always stay lusciously green. This is a great option if your front area does not receive a lot of natural light. (We promise not to tell anyone they aren’t real.) Use a tall bookcase to display ornate wine glasses, champagne flutes and preferred drinks. Add a cabinet to give yourself room to create delicious cocktails! This idea will surely shake up your space. 

We hope you’ve walked through the front door of inspiration and are ready to get started on some amazing home projects! Styling your entryway can help complete your home and give things a polished look. Don’t leave any design stone un-turned when creating the perfect space for you. For more inspiration for your space, check out our Pinterest boards. You can also share your completed space with us on Instagram by using #MyAshleyHome.