The holiday season is upon us again! It’s a season of merriment, cheer and, of course, gifting! We wanted to help you get into the festive spirit and help you become a better holiday shopper. Your loved ones didn’t earn lumps of coal in their stockings, so we’ll help you find the perfect present to get for them instead. Thankfully, we have great stocking stuffers that should do the trick.

Always Start Early

Be proactive with the shopping process this season. We don’t want you to become the frantic shopper trying to find a gift the night before the office Secret Santa Exchange. Or the person who drives around town on Christmas Eve in search of an open store. Having all your holiday shopping done early will give you peace of mind and avoid stressful last-minute browsing. Being an early bird shopper can also help you find better deals and savings on gifts. So, get all your shopping done ahead of time!

If you are shopping online, be mindful of shipping times. This year, retailers across the globe have experienced delays in shipping orders. These delays will be apparent with the start of the busy shopping season during the holidays. Keep calm and get your orders in early. 

Have a Holiday Shopping Plan

With the potential for stress this season, create a plan to make shopping a fun experience! We recommend that you start your shopping adventure online to maximize your gifting options. You can use shopping tools to check an item’s in-store availability in case you’d like to view it in person before purchasing.

Since the holiday season is typically a high-traffic time in store, plan out which places you’d like to browse. It will make the process seem less overwhelming. 

Be a Thoughtful Gifter

Feeling like a stumped shopper? Thinking back through shared memories is great when you feel a little stuck. If you still find yourself struggling, just treat it like writer’s block. Remove yourself from the shopping experience and try again later. Hopefully, you’ve given yourself enough time.

We also think you should shop one gift recipient at a time. Have 20 people on your shopping list? Take the time to carefully select the perfect gift for them. Is your coworker Suzannah always cold at work? Get her a cozy blanket that she can store in her desk. Does your mom love to display flowers on the kitchen table? Shop elegant vases to complete the look. Find something for everyone with our gift guides. Know a homebody? We’ve got gifts for them. What about the ultimate hostess? Covered. Check it out here and start crossing names off your list.

We hope these tips help you achieve a great gifting experience this holiday season by making shopping easier. You can submit questions in the comment section below and our elves will be happy to answer them! We will even help you through the gift shopping journey. 

We’d also love to see your holiday home and festive decoration. Share your space with us by using #MyAshleyHome on Instagram. You might even see your photo on our feed. For more inspiration on what to find your friends and loved ones, check out our Pinterest! There you can browse inspirational boards and visualize all the ways you can help bring their space to life.