Many of us are familiar with the term “man cave.” A personal den for watching the big game, a work studio or just a place that helps the guys in your life relax at the end of each day. But in the last year, we have seen a growing trend of women-centered spaces like “She Sheds”. An area in the home where women can go to focus on themselves and their interests or hobbies.

We want to help you create those spaces of relaxation. At Ashley HomeStore, we aim to inspire you to create a home that is uniquely true to you. One that reflects your lifestyle, your aesthetic and your house. If you are creating a secluded area in your home just for you, you’ve come to the right place. Transforming the spare room into a boss babe office? Constructing a She Shed from scratch? Whatever the project is, you deserve to make something that you can enjoy.

What is a “She Shed”?

Like the slightly more menacing term “man cave,” She Sheds can be created in any home as a space to seek recreation and relaxation. Mentioned in the Pinterest Top 100 Trends, She Sheds are dedicated entirely to the woman of the house, regardless of the size of said household.

Over time, the She Shed has evolved from just a decorated utility shed in the backyard for gardening tools and seasonal items like patio furniture. The term now broadly relates to a portion of your home that was meticulously designed to bring you comfort and joy. We like to call them She Spaces. Even if you live in a studio apartment downtown, you can create your own She Space in your concrete jungle. 

Give Yourself Shelter

Ready to create your special nook? Before you begin, remember that She Spaces are meant to inspire creativity and promote relaxation, so identify function first when creating your own. Ask yourself the following:

  • How is this space being used?
  • Is there a way to maximize its function?
  • What are the important things to include?
  • What brings me joy?
  • How can I add that to my space?
  • What is my design style?

Since the point of building this space is to recharge and remove yourself from stress, set up guidelines for yourself when in the room. Stay active in your time of recuperation. Here are some examples:

  • This is a phone-free space.
  • To keep this an open space, I will speak positively during my time here.
  • I will take time to reflect on my day.
  • I will make the most of this space.

Designing Your Dream Room

Find Inspiration

Liven up your room by converting it into a She Space. Dedicated to what brings you joy and relaxation, so leave it up to your imagination. If you are converting the area into an art studio, create a gallery wall with inspiration from your favorite artists. 

Also take note of other spaces made by fashion-forward women whose style you’d like to remake in your home. We’ve worked with content creators like Hey Wanderer and Meggie Truelock to help build spaces that brought joy to their spaces. Find a space you are interested in by checking out those posts!

If you are still struggling to find the perfect look, make a mood board. This can be focused on all the activities and interests the space will serve, or can feature your interior design ideas. Pinterest is overflowing with design concepts for She Sheds and other woman-centered spaces. You can also use Shop By features on our site to discover your perfect aesthetic, whether that is fresh farmhouse or eclectic mid-century.

Organized and Orderly

To keep your space functioning for your home and you, keep it clear! You will not be able to make the most of a space that is full of clutter, especially one that is meant to be a sanctuary of self care. For many of us, cleaning is a skill that needs to be acquired, and that’s okay! Here are some tips for tackling any mess in your home. 

Strategic space layout can also help prevent clutter and promote healthy energy flow. So, if you are looking to create a space of productivity and good vibes, follow ancient feng shui principles when crafting your room. For more tips, click here

A Pop of Color 

Finishing touches help bring spaces together and add life to the decor landscape. Set the area apart from the rest of your home with colorful accents and features. Vibrant tones will welcome you into this nook and aid in the rejuvenation process. 

If you prefer to keep your spaces neutral, let your She Space be your entrance into the interior design realm of color! Start small by incorporating nature into your space with houseplants. Using ferns and ficuses in your She Space will add an eye-catching, yet neutral tone of green. The foliage will promote relaxation and can provide air purification benefits. However, if you are unsure of your green thumb, we also suggest less-demanding succulents.

For those of you who’d like to keep the space serene and minimal, try layering subtle shades and texture to create dimension! If you are building an office space, lay a table runner down to add color to the larger furniture piece. Additionally, it’s a great way to protect the wood from damage! Create a collage of comfort on your sofa or accent chair to turn up the coziness. Blankets and throw pillows are a great way to create a relaxing mood, especially for nap time!

Create spaces in your home that speak to your lifestyle. If you build your own version of a She Shed, share a photo of the room with us! Use #MyAshleyHome on Instagram to possibly be featured on our feed. To find more inspirations for any area in your home, check out our Pinterest boards!