When creating your dream home, you want your space to shine. Well, we’re here to help you achieve an illuminated look with the right lighting fixture. We think the perfect features can elevate your space and tie any look together.

Let’s flip the switch and brighten up the beautiful home you’ve made. We created this guide to break down all your lighting choices and help you decide what would be best for any space you are renovating or redecorating. 

Types of Lighting Fixtures

Pendants, desk lamps, chandeliers, oh my! We love the amount of luminous options in the lighting category, and we want to help you pick the right styles for your home. Let’s narrow your lighting search by determining the type of light you need in each space. The three varieties are ambient, directional and spotlight. Depending on the kind of effect you want to achieve in your space, this could change the fixture you shop for.

A reading nook would be best served with a lamp that offers directional light, that way you can skim through any page turner in the right amount of light. An area like a dining room would require a style with ambient light that illuminates the entire room, like a chandelier or pendant. Finally, create visual interest that immediately draws the eye by highlighting features like artwork with a spotlight. 

Overhead Lighting

Overhead lighting includes sconces, vanity lighting, chandeliers, pendants, flush and semi-flush mounts. These options could be great for large spaces that need even amounts of lighting.

For example, sconces can add visual interest when placed on each side of a bed. This space-saving option can also give you more freedom to decorate your nightstand! Depending on the scale, a chandelier can be a great piece for an entryway because it catches the eye from the front door and welcomes you into a well-lit space. 

Love These Lamps

Table lamps are great for smaller spaces in your home that need focused light. This lighting option would be great for an office or homework space that requires a lot of attention and concentration. Floor lamps are also great decorative pieces that illuminate your home with style. 

Bringing Back Bulb Basics

Lighting can make or break your space, so pick the right bulb to brighten your home. Think about it as a tool to highlight design features and improve ambiance. The temperature of a light bulb can also affect the feeling of a room. Warm, daylight tones are always a safe bet when shopping for lighting because they radiate a soft glow in your space. In living spaces and bedrooms, avoid cool, white tones as they will wash out the colors in a space. Those brighter lights are great for illuminating your kitchen or for creating a functional workspace in your garage. 

Which Light Fits?

Find lights that work for you! Utilize the existing lighting elements in the space then layer in lamps, pendants and chandeliers like they are accessories to help elevate the look of the room. Take note of the natural light a particular room gets throughout the day. This could influence the kind of lighting fixture you need in your space and the placement of the lighting. For instance, a room that receives an abundance of light will be able to illuminate your style with minimal lighting fixtures. 

When shopping for a fixture, select a style that bridges the gap between form and function. It’s all about matching the lighting mood to the design of a space. If you find an architectural piece, make sure it can light the space appropriately or that you have supporting lights to keep the space balanced. You can also use shopping guides on our website to find what you’re looking for!

Lighting Up Your Style

Now for the most important lighting tip: rules are meant to be broken! Most lighting can be used across many decor styles, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different looks. Maybe you found that lamp that you just had to have. We’ve all been there. Don’t overthink it and just do what makes you happy! Instead focus on the lights you love versus the light that perfectly matches a style. This helps give your space a unique touch. 

We think a chic lighting fixture that fits your style will truly light up your home. Finding a look that speaks to you will also brighten up your day. Share your illuminated space with us by using #MyAshleyHome on Instagram. You can also find more inspiration for any room in your home on our Pinterest boards.