Recliners: Comfortable, Inviting—and Now More Stylish Than Ever

Gone are the days of the clumsy eyesore your grandpa once nodded off in. Today’s recliners are downright stylish and available in a huge array of designs, fabrics and colors to complement any home. Beyond reclining, they can rock, swivel and power up infinitive positions for comfort. When it comes to choosing a recliner, one size definitely does not fit all.

How to choose the right recliner:

Price shop. While you may want a top-of-the-line recliner that’s a few thousand dollars, that may not be realistic. Instead, set your budget and focus on the best recliners in your price range.

The Kinlock Recliner: 

Gray kinlock recliner with nailhead accecents next to a side table with a lamp. Above recliner is a wall canvas of a dock overlooking the water.

Choose a fabric. From leather to leather blends, cotton to plush, there’s a lot to consider. If you have kids or pets, you may want to stay away from plush recliners. Durable and stain-resistant fabrics may be a better choice. 

The leather Collinsville recliner:

The Chestnut Collinsville leather recliner with a nailhead trim. next to a brown wooden side table with a lamp on it.

The polyester Turboprop recliner:

The Brownstone Turboprop recliner on a striped rug with a small side table next to the recliner. There is a lamp on the side table and a painting on the wall of trees.

Know your style. With today’s recliners, you don’t have to choose comfort over style. Do you fancy an ample, overstuffed recliner or a sleek, modern design? Choose the one that complements your other furniture and accessories.


The ample Ludden Recliner: 

The sand Colored Ludden recliner with lots of plush next to a side table with storage space. A lamp is on top of the side table and there is abstract wall are behind the recliner.

Find your size. While that huge recliner looks pretty inviting—will it fit in the space you have? Be sure to measure the space and the recliner before you make a purchase. While some recliners need as much as three feet of free space behind them to fully recline—the latest options known as zero wall recliners require only three inches of space between the chair and the wall given their smart design.

The zero wall Valeton recliner:

The white Valeton leather recliner chair on top of a gray fluffy rug with a dark brown side table next to it. On the side table is a class lamp and a drawer for storage.

Consider your options. Today’s recliners can do amazing things. Some can swivel and rock. Power-operated models provide infinite positions for ultimate comfort. While others serve up style and convenience with cup holders and hidden cubbies. It’s all about what works for you and your budget.

The Fourche Power recliner:

The Fourche power recliner with luxurious padding, one-touch power reclining and power lumbar. Next to is ia a side table with a cabinet and a lamp on top.

The Brenyth Power Life Recliner:

The brown Brenyth Power Lift recliner in lifted position on a creme colored rug in an empty room with windows and a side table next to the recliner.