You’ve worked (or played) hard all day, and you deserve to kick your feet up and take a load off. There’s nothing like getting home at the end of a long day and sitting back on the perfect reclining furniture. Life is better with the right recliner, and a lot goes into decision-making to ensure you’ll be able to kick back in comfort for years. What is the best recliner to buy? It depends on your intentions for your recliners, including where in the home it will go and what purpose you want it to serve. Let us provide a recliner-buying guide to ease your mind and make the search a breeze. Read on for tips on finding stylish furniture that won’t break the bank.

How to Find the Best Reclining Furniture

You’ve searched in the right place; Ashley has the best recliners, ranging from reclining sofas to small recliners and reclining gaming chairs. Start with an intended location, purpose, and desired fabric, and let Ashley handle the rest.

Ashley offers reclining sofa sets for larger homes with ample space for seating so that all the furniture in the room will match. Imagine furnishing the entire room’s seating arrangement with one purchase. Check out the Jesolo manual reclining sofa, loveseat, and recliner set, perfect for large gatherings and entertainment rooms.

Room-specific reclining furniture is also available, including nursery glider recliner chairs for ease of comfort and movement when nursing or comforting the baby. You’ll fall asleep with the baby when you ease into these ultra-comfy nursery gliders.

The Best Recliner for Your Space

Measurements of the intended location will help determine which recliners fit best within the space. Based on these measurements, you will know whether you can do a large leather sofa with a recliner or if a chic home-design recliner chair will be a better fit. For smaller areas, loveseats such as the Altari Loveseat will do the trick.

Loveseats, which comfortably fit two people, offer cozy home furnishing that will fit in smaller spaces. For single-unit but individualized seating, a loveseat with a console is a great option. A partition (console) between the seats maintains independence for each individual using the loveseat. Double down and opt for a reclining loveseat with a console for the ultimate in comfort for both users.

When it comes to single-seater recliners, there are several options, starting with the reclining mechanism. A manual reclining chair requires a shift of body weight to extend the footrest; a power footrest recliner involves pushing a button to pop up the footrest. Lift recliners gently ease you through the transition from sitting to standing by slowly moving you up to a standing position. When looking for a classic recliner, try big comfy recliner chairs, like the Bladewood Manual Recliner, which provide ultimate comfort while offering plenty of seating space.

How to Arrange Your Reclining Furniture

Now that you’ve decided on the number of people you want to fit on the furnishing, you may have a few questions. How to arrange reclining furniture? How do you arrange a reclining couch in the living room? Initial measurements of the space need to anticipate that the extended footrest and backrest take up more space than the furniture at rest. Consider the flow of the room, and ensure that when pushed out, the footrest and back of the chair will not affect the maneuverability of the space.

Your accent recliner chair or reclining couch will likely be the room’s centerpiece, so its placement impacts the space significantly. Have the chair or sofa facing the room’s primary focus, the fireplace or the TV. Entertainment centers are another option for orienting the couch. Center this on a wall where it will receive minimal glare from the room’s windows, or purchase curtains to prevent the problem.

If the reclining sofa will be against a wall, provide adequate space for reclining by pulling it from the wall a little bit. The arrangement can also provide space for walking behind the chair or sofa so you can get to the other side by going behind.

The living room is the heart of the home and where most people spend their time. Try a few furniture arrangements until you find the perfect orientation. For accessibility and ease of use, provide adequate tabletop space in the form of coffee & end table sets. Balance the room so that there’s space to sit but also an easily reachable spot to place your beer or bowl of popcorn. For an extra easily accessible place to put your drink, try a recliner with a cup holder.

Tips on How to Find Cozy Reclining Furniture

Comfort is different for everyone; however, most folks agree that a plush fabric on a couch contributes significantly to its cozy factor. When searching for reclining furniture on the Ashley website, select the material you want to view, whether comfort means faux leather, chenille, or polyester, or ask an associate for help when shopping in-store. When considering these fabrics, picture the space they will be going in and how the texture will work relative to the other materials and textures in the room.

Speaking of cozy, what makes the best recliners for sleeping? You’re going to want ample cushioning, adequate space for your rear, and good reclining abilities. To enter a state of sleep, you must feel entirely supported by your chair. The Clonmel oversized manual recliner, an excellent recliner chair for the bedroom, is large enough to accommodate shifting during sleep and provide extra room to get comfy. If you fall asleep better with motion, the Ludden Manual Rocker Recliner will help you softly rock to sleep.

There’s nothing better than comfortable reclining furniture that allows for full-body relaxation. You need and deserve this kind of peace in your life. Nothing makes for ideal napping conditions like blankets and throws, so be sure you’ve got the plushest you can find. Happy snoozing!

Finding the right reclining furniture for you and your family can be easy once you know all the great options. Visit your local Ashley store today to try out these thick-cushioned, comfort-oriented recliners. Or check out your options from the comfort of your home by visiting our online store today.