Cozy Guest Bedroom Design Ideas

Having company over can make anyone feel overwhelmed, but with our easy and approachable guest bedroom ideas, we’ll take the hassle and worry out of prepping, planning and preparing for their arrival.

Set Up a Guest Bedroom that is Suited for Royalty

Give your guests the treatment they would expect from a 5-star hotel. Just don’t blame us if they never want to leave.

Choose the Right Size Bed

Start with the basics, those must-haves in guest bedroom decor. First you’ll need a comfortable bed – and depending on your space and your budget, it’s an easy fix. If space is not an issue, go ahead and use a queen bed with a memory foam topper to create an ultra-plush sleep experience. If you want something more versatile on a smaller scale, then a futon, daybed with trundle or sofa bed might fit the bill. And if size isn’t an issue for you, go all out with our affordable king beds. Try an upholstered version which is right on trend and sure to please any guest. Regardless of the scale of your guest room, it’s all about the experience you create for your guests. Play with dark curtains, throw pillows, bedding and more to make them feel like they are at a top resort.

light gray blue sofa sleeper opened up with plaid comforter on top.

Top it Off with Stylish Bedding & Throws

Once the bed’s in place, be sure to dress up your guest bedroom furniture with luxury linens and thick, fluffy throw pillows. This is no place to skimp on quality. When it comes to bedding, whatever you choose, make sure it feels right to you before putting it on your bed. If possible, before you purchase, take it out of the packaging and run your hands over it to ensure you’re purchasing bedding that reflects your taste and style. Your guests will appreciate it and you’ll be filled with the satisfaction of having given them the best.

Neutral bedding in a room full of natural light

Provide Your Guests with Proper Storage

Next, provide a place for your guests to unpack and settle in. Be it a closet with shelving, a chest of drawers, or a luggage rack (if space is really an issue), give them somewhere to organize their belongings—no one wants to bend over to dig items out of their suitcase. Be creative, hooks on the wall are a charming and useful addition to the setting, and can be made from almost anything: vintage glass door knobs, cabinet door pulls, even antique faucet handles. Think outside the box and you’ll find inspiration all around you.

Create a Cozy Seating Area

Once the essentials are handled, you’ll want to create that comfortable seating area for your guests to use as a reading nook, a resting pad or just a place to sit and put on their shoes. The addition of a comfy chair can make all the difference to your guest room. Getting the seating just right is a matter of determining your available space and choosing accordingly.  If a deeply tufted chaise lounge or settee just isn’t an option, then dress up a small upholstered chair with a fluffy throw pillow and blanket to set the stage. A bedroom bench can invite a restful moment or an intimate conversation without taking up too much space. Include a wonderful book or magazine and voila, your reading nook is complete!

Complete the Room with Warm & Inviting Home Decor

The finer details are so important when it comes to guest bedroom decor. Candles and fresh flowers in a vase are small, yet appreciated luxuries everyone will love. The little finishing touches are usually what your guests remember and what will make them feel like you took the time to really make them welcome.

gray jug vases and metal sculptures on brown TV stand


Here are a few resort touches that you can incorporate into your guest room to delight even the most finicky lodger:

~Equip the guest bath with a basket of travel sized toiletries

~Leave a small dish of individually wrapped chocolates on the bedside table

~Include a small stash of their favorite snacks and drinks

~Have a spa robe and slippers in the closet (no one ever travels with these)

~Keep extra blankets in the closet

~Bring in a chilled bottled water before they retire

~Put an alarm clock/digital charger next to their bed

~Add an easily accessible power strip or docking station

~Keep a table lamp on the bedside table for reading

~Use dark curtains so your guests can sleep in


We’ve included a few of our guest bedroom decorating ideas below. Remember, it’s all about working with what you have and improving on your space where you can. We’re here with simple tricks and tips to do just that:

Color Your World

With bedding from bold and bright, to light and calm.

Play with Patterns

Mix & match your bed with prints

Glow for It

Put a spotlight on your unique style.

Natural rope inspired pendant lights resembling a beachy and bohemian style.

Go Wall Out

Show off your artsy side.

gold and black finished metal wall sculpture

See and be Seen

No room (or outfit) is complete without a great mirror.

Black Finished Metal Framed Accent Mirror with Leather Strap. Metal Post for Hanging.

Roll Out the Red Carpet

Provide your guests a soft place to land their feet.

striped gray and white shag rug

Theme the Room

From the farm to the beach, the guest room is where you can really have fun.

Shop by Style

Glam, modern, rustic… the options are endless.

Small Space? No Problem

Mini rooms can still have some major personality.

Sleep a Crowd

Who says bunk beds are just for kids?

Twin and full contemporary bunk beds for boys bedroom

There you have it, our very best ideas to create the perfect getaway retreat for your out-of-town guests. And where it all came from will be our little secret – shhhh…