You’re walking around your home in your house slippers, staring glumly at the blank wall above your dining room table, and it hits you:

The time has come for a serious home decor facelift.

Whether you’ve been using the same decorations for a decade or you’ve recently moved in with your significant other whose taste in home decor leaves something to be desired, this guide is for you.

We’re going to talk about the best in 2023 home decor trends, giving you the chance to start incorporating fresh style into your home. From overarching design trends to a sneak peek at 2023’s top colors, we’ll cover it all. So let’s take a look: what are the trends for 2023?

What’s New in Home Decor Trends?

As you take inventory of your current home decor and compare it against 2023 trends, it can be helpful to understand what exactly has changed in the past few years.

2022 home decor trends brought a focus on improved workspaces and better home/workflow. This trend looks to continue into the next year, with more people embracing a hybrid work lifestyle.

Moving into 2023, some of the newest decor trends revolve around the increasing use of throwback styles. Modern, minimalist styles relying on synthetic materials are waning out of focus. Instead, many homeowners are tapping into the beautiful features of natural and reclaimed products. Sustainability continues to be an integral trend in all home decor, capturing the global trend toward living in harmony with our environment.

Exciting New Home Decor Trends for 2023

When it comes to upgrading your home’s style, 2023 promises to be the year to deliver fun, whimsical, and calming trends. As you spruce up your space, take this opportunity to get ahead of the curve and start incorporating the latest trends into your home.

Let’s take a look at a few of our favorite home decor trends 2023.

Curves on Curves

Say goodbye to angular lines of the past and welcome back to the beauty of curves. A Renaissance architecture aesthetic, arches are the perfect way to bring new life into any space. And while you might not want to invest in tearing out your door frames just to install arched doorways, there are numerous ways you can use your home decor to imbibe the high class of curvature. Look for furniture with arched metal framing. Opt for seating that features arched backs. Or add wall art in an arching pattern.

Accent Walls

While accent walls have continually trended in and out of vogue, their presence is taking center stage in 2023. You might think of this as the perfect backdrop for your next virtual meeting or just a bold expression of your inner artist. Whatever the case, design your accent wall with a blend of wall art and patterned wallpaper.

Our favorite accent wall idea? Take a corner of your living room or den and turn it into a small personal space. Design a patterned and highly decorative accent wall and add a cozy chair, a bold metallic floor lamp, and a cozy throw in front. Now all that’s left to do is snap your next Instagram selfie.

Eclectic 70s Inspired

It’s all groovy, good buddy! At least, that’s what this design trend will have you saying. The eclectic energy of the 1970s is making a resurgence in home decor trends for 2023, and we’re here for it.

Envision earth tones meeting funky multi-colored patterns. As you design your space to reflect the specific vibes of this decade, keep entertainment central to your decorative design. The 1970s were all about open spaces, low-to-the-ground furniture, and ample room for visiting after dinner. Bar carts and plush seating invite guests to linger. Funky, eclectic, and downright cool are all core to this decor. Opt for decorations featuring avocado greens, deep browns, rusty oranges, and mustard yellows.

Make sure you don’t forget your accent furniture pieces to help tie your new decor together. An oversized mushroom top ottoman or a funky oval coffee table can add a far-out touch.

Green Design

Going green isn’t just about switching out your incandescent light bulbs for LEDs. In 2023, a lot of home decor trends are focused on implementing a more natural and biophilic style into the home. Think large ferns clustered around a freestanding bathtub and living walls where kitchen herbs are grown. And for those without a green thumb—or the time for plant care—faux plants are the perfect solution.

The general focus of this home decor trend is to add as much natural light into the home as possible while utilizing numerous elemental materials, such as stone and wood. Pair plants with stone tables, earth-toned rugs with a recycled wood ottoman, and textural tapestries with white cream walls.

Home Decor Color Trends

No discussion of 2023 home decor trends would be complete without a chat about color. What are the color trends for 2023? The greatest focus of upcoming color trends is tranquility. Expect to see warm earth tones paired with whimsical touches of color. If you’re looking to add a new palette to your home, consider trying out a few of the following hot 2023 colors.

Warm Golds

Gold is a timeless color choice. From the ancient royal families’ use of gold as a sign of opulence to the dazzling incorporation of gold into 1920s Art Deco, gold has continued to play a role in home decor over the centuries. In 2023, warm gold will be all the trend. Think warm gold lamps and soft gold touches on wall art frames. This subdued take on gold will bring the brilliant luxe style of gold into the home in a more harmonious manner.

Calming Lavender Hues

If fields of lavender bring serenity to your soul, you’ll love the 2023 trend of using lavender in the home. In fact, Coloro + WGSN named their Colour of the Year 2023 as Digital Lavender. This gentle and imaginative color is the perfect way to introduce a calming brightness into the home. Consider an accent wall or accent pieces that feature this whimsical hue.

Serene Blues

When you picture the blues of 2023, envision calming ocean waters and gently lapping lakes. Blue in 2023 will be used to add a soothing tone to the home. Bathroom accent walls, fun backsplashes, and colorful furniture are all wonderful ways to use blues to increase the tranquility of your home.

Grounded Greens

Rather than a bold and vibrant green, 2023 looks to bring earthy green tones that evoke emotions of enchanted forests and lush meadows. When incorporating greens into your home, don’t rely on paint alone. The green theme is one that can be carried throughout your design, including the incorporation of house plants, living walls, and nature photography.

What is the Lucky Color of the Year 2023?

2023 is the Year of the Rabbit, and the elements of water and wood are central to the year’s zodiac theme. The lucky colors of the year 2023 are blue and green.

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