Christmas Décor for Every Style

Whether you love sleek, modern aesthetics or adore relaxed, boho designs, there is a Christmas décor style that will suit your taste. This year, there are a handful of different Christmas décor styles with which we’re obsessed, from classic styles of Christmas décor to playful modern decorations. Follow our tips for these Christmas decorating styles, from modern twists to traditional looks, to create a stunning Christmas energy in your home.

Trending Christmas Decorating Styles

For this holiday season, we see the semi-modern, traditional, farmhouse, and boho Christmas home décor styles trending. We love this because these aesthetics can cater to a range of people, whether you love something fresh and modern or want a warm and rustic vibe. This year, people are embracing a variety of looks and decorations, so nothing is off-limits. Whether you live in a cute apartment or a massive house, use artificial Christmas trees, or head to the farms for a fresh one, one of these Christmas décor styles will be perfect for your home.

Christmas Décor With a Modern Twist

Modern Christmas décor is one of the most popular styles right now and is easy to achieve. While you can always opt for a very contemporary look, we recommend opting for a traditional style with a modern vibe. Some of the more contemporary décor styles are devoid of color and textures, creating something that may be too bland for you. However, there is a sweet spot between traditional and contemporary that we’re obsessed with this year.

We recommend looking for simple silhouettes and understated pieces, such as simplistic Christmas tree statues, slender reindeer figures, and sleek decorations that are not cumbersome or clunky. Don’t be afraid to utilize the classic Christmas colors or even incorporate offbeat colors like blue and pink, but keep the color reigned in as not to become overly flashy. Your décor should lean toward minimalism but not embrace it entirely. Utilize patterns sparingly and try to use solid colors where you can.

The most modern Christmas décor style will likely not use much greenery, as it contradicts the sleekness of modern aesthetics. However, we recommend incorporating some fluffy wreaths and pretty garlands to counterbalance the plainness of some of the more modern items. Achieving this aesthetic is all about elevating minimalist items to add more Christmas cheer! It’s perfect if you love modern looks but still want your house to be homey and cozy during the holiday season.

Traditional Christmas Décor

Traditional Christmas décor sounds easy to achieve, but it takes a keen eye to find the right decorations to create a classic Christmas look. A traditional style will utilize some vintage elements and combine them with classic pieces so the atmosphere feels timeless. Standard green garlands, Christmas colors, nutcrackers, chunky stockings, white candles, and cozy items, like blankets and throw pillows, are all conducive to a traditional look.

Try to avoid any decorations that lean heavily toward one of the other aesthetics discussed here, as that will stray from the traditional vibe you want. Your tree should be decorated thoughtfully with the right balance of ornaments and other accessories so it doesn’t feel too full or sparse. This balance is also essential when decorating the rest of your home, as you need enough decorations that your home has a distinct Christmas atmosphere but not so much that it becomes cluttered or overwhelming.

We suggest avoiding non-Christmas colors, like pink and blue, as these are more modern choices. Bells, garlands, wreaths, candles, mini Christmas trees, and holly are all ideal for a traditional theme, but stay away from country-style decorations that will bring your home into the farmhouse aesthetic, which you can read more about below. If you’re stumped on what type of Christmas aesthetic you want, traditional is always a lovely choice.

Farmhouse Christmas Décor

The farmhouse Christmas aesthetic has been popular for a few years and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. We adore the homey simplicity of this style, and following this aesthetic makes it easy to curate a harmonious Christmas theme throughout your home. Staples of the farmhouse aesthetic include cute red pickup trucks hauling Christmas trees, vintage artwork of farms during winter, and soft, muted color palettes.

Farmhouse décor typically includes fresh greenery and woodsy elements, like twinkly garlands and simplistic wreaths with bows. This aesthetic is rustic and homey; if you want to curate this style, avoid flashy décor and bright, saturated colors. Pale browns, deep reds, rich greens, and creamy whites are ideal. Farmhouse-style Christmas décor will typically not include vibrant and non-Christmas colors, such as pink, blue, and yellow, so stick to the red, green, and white hues.

We recommend utilizing country-style Christmas decorations like ribbons, bells, greenery, soft yellow lights, rustic twine, and homey patterns like plaid. Consider adding décor elements that include burlap and other pastoral materials that bring a distinct warmth to your space. This is one of the best Christmas décor styles if you want to curate a cozy and understated look in your home for the holiday season.

Boho Christmas Décor

On the other hand, boho-style Christmas décor is much more playful and colorful. While it can be understated and muted by using soft browns and other light pastels, it can also be vibrant and use a kaleidoscope of colors. The key to creating a lovely boho style for the holiday season is to take a relaxed approach to the decorations, meaning everything doesn’t have to look prim and proper. Casually draped ribbons on your Christmas tree, rustically hung garlands, and DIY decorations are a brilliant way to create a cozy and artistic atmosphere.

Chubby, colorful candles, unique and eccentric Christmas items, and bold patterns are all conducive to a boho style. We adore homemade garlands featuring candied fruit like oranges, lemons, or grapefruit. These bring a cheerful and artistic vibe to your space and capture the holiday spirit. The same goes for popcorn garlands, homemade ornaments, knit stockings, and other charming decorations you can make on your own.

Boho styles also lean toward maximalism, so don’t be afraid to go all in on Christmas tree décor and decorate your tree until it’s overflowing. If you love maximalism, color, and lots of decorations, the boho Christmas aesthetic is perfect for you, creating a joyful and casual atmosphere with a hint of playfulness.

People Always Ask

We answered a few of the most common Christmas décor style questions below.

What are the different Christmas décor styles?

There are endless Christmas décor styles from which to choose, such as traditional, vintage, country, contemporary, feminine, Scandinavian, minimalist, kitsch, outdoorsy, and coastal. However, you can use almost anything to inspire your Christmas décor, whether you want a goth look or a fairytale style.

What is trending for Christmas décor?

Currently, semi-modern, traditional, farmhouse, and boho are the top trending styles.

How can I tastefully decorate my house for Christmas?

You can tastefully decorate your home in a million ways for the holiday season. We recommend settling on an aesthetic and sticking with it, using it to influence all of your decorating and purchasing decisions. This is a convenient way to ensure all your décor is harmonious and tasteful.