It all comes down to assessing and fulfilling your needs.

Take a look around your home office. Do you see stacks of paperwork begging to be filed away? Are office supplies strewn about willy-nilly? If your office has become a chaotic mess, you’re certainly not alone. Do you know why our offices are in disarray? Because we didn’t assess our personal needs before we set up shop.

White and modern writing desk with gold nobs and a shaggy stool underneath the desk.

If you’re ready—and willing—to transform your jumbled mess of an office into a hub of productivity, you simply need to follow three steps.


#1 Choose your ideal desk

Though clean lined and marvelously minimalistic, a simple  Parsons desk doesn’t fit everyone’s needs. If your line of work or hobbies require spreading out paperwork and supplies, then you’ll need more surface area than a Parsons desk can provide. Think long and hard about how much space you really need and don’t settle for the smallest or least expensive desk you can find. In the long run, you’ll be glad you didn’t.

Minimalist home office desk with a chair in front and a large map wall decor above the desk.

# 2 Assess your storage needs 

Gather a pen and paper (if you can find them!) and set aside plenty of time to make a list of every single item you’ll need to store in your office. Next, make sure there’s a dedicated spot for each and every one of the items on your list. If you have stacks and stacks of books, that one tiny bookshelf isn’t going to cut it. An inordinate amount of paperwork? Don’t assume that a single file box will suit your needs; it might be time to upgrade to a full-fledged file cabinet.


# 3 Collect inspirational items

Ask yourself a few questions: Why do you work so hard? Who depends on your success? Why do you do what you do? Now for the fun part! Fill an inspiration board with images and objects that represent your answers to these questions. If you’re burning the midnight oil to support your family, post a picture of your kids. Always saving for your next vacation? Display a map of the world and add pushpins as you visit different states and countries. Keep your board in your direct line of sight. Any time you’re feeling unmotivated, glance at your board and remind yourself of why you’ve set up this nice and tidy home office in the first place.