We are all spending more time at home recently, and our spaces are functioning in ways we never planned for them to. Our kitchen tables are classrooms and living rooms are conference rooms while we navigate staying at home. 

As we adjust to new routines and work schedules, we wanted to help you get acquainted with working from your home. Keeping productive and restorative areas as separate as possible will help you stay focused while you are on the clock. And then when it’s time to turn off, you will be able to relax and recharge. 

Take a look at some of our design inspiration for a beautiful at-home workspace. The aesthetic of this area should inspire you to get everything on your to-do list accomplished.

Be a Bohemian Boss

If you are looking for a space that keeps your creativity going, try a bohemian home office! This style pulls together bright colors and ornate designs for an eclectic look.

To achieve this room, don’t be afraid to use color. Pick a favorite shade and use that as an anchor for the space and pick other accents that also have that color. We chose a rich teal for this look book. A separate sitting area might be the perfect spot for you to take a small 15-minute break during the day. Position it next to a window and use it as your brainstorming station. Your four-legged coworkers can also use it as their seat for staff meetings. 

Breeze Through Your To-Do List

Bringing the beach into your home office will bring serenity to your space while you balance budget sheets and your calendar. Focus on keeping your color palette neutral but add pops of blue to resemble calm waters.

Channel the look of seaside docks by adding décor pieces that feature industrial accents like locks and worn wood. Whimsical pieces that remind you of the ocean will tie the aquatic look together. 

Let City Vibes Inspire Your Office

Even big city dreams and goals can fit into the smallest studio apartment. Inspired by the industrial landscapes, edgy design and city lifestyles, an urban home office is a great look for young professionals.

If you are working with less living space, each choice when creating a home office is done with efficiency in mind. To keep your home feeling open, use space saving options that are multifunctional. A secretarial can work during office hours, and then hide away once your day is done. At 5 p.m., you can literally hide your paperwork and start relaxing. 

A Sleek Space Creates a Clear Mind

This look book is inspired by sleek, modern style and reflects a minimal aesthetic. This would be perfect for those of you who need less clutter to stay productive during work hours. For a more glam approach to this style, decorate with a jewel-toned green by adding a throw blanket and plants. It keeps the space minimal while adding a pop of color to keep you inspired. 

There’s No Meeting Time for Classic Style

Mid-century modern spaces are perfect for anyone who is looking for a unique space that combines elements from other styles. The aesthetic features vibrant use of color, sleek industrial design, minimalist accents and bohemian flair. For mid-century design lovers, this aesthetic is the best of all worlds when it comes to interiors.

Décor tip: For a subtle pop in the space, include mixed metals in your space to play up the industrial look. And don’t be afraid to play with color in your workspace, the vibrant tones can spark your creativity while you work. Use muted jewel tones to keep the room neutral, so the colors are not overwhelming. 

We’re Blushing Over this Office Look

After the rise of Millennial Pink in 2015, we have seen muted blush tones across interior design trends. The shade allows people to experiment with color without committing to bright tones. Light pink keeps a space light while creating a whimsical look. 

Take Your Work to New Places

Bonjour! This look book was inspired by the romantic designs of the French Country aesthetic. To achieve this space in your home, no beret is required, just an open mind and a love of soft pastel colors. Small details like a tufted desk chair and floral decor give the look a more feminine vibe. 

To keep your workspace clear, try illuminating your space with a floor lamp. The taller style will cast bright light across the room, which will help keep you alert and focused. 

Some Styles are Timeless

If you’re a no muss no fuss type of interior decorator, stick with classic designs and styles when creating your traditional home office. The sleek silhouettes of the pieces in this look book offer enough intrigue, so you don’t have to worry about home decor. You can also experiment with texture instead of layering home accent pieces. Velvet gives the space an elegant, ornate look. Open shelving concepts keep the room airy and give an illusion of more space. All while providing extra storage for books and files. 

Bring the Farmhouse to the Office

Modern farmhouse style is inspired by antique, rustic pieces and designs. This aesthetic features a lot of neutral tones, with pops of natural colors like greenery. Bring the outdoors into the office space with materials that add rugged charm. 

Staying productive while learning to work from home may get frustrating at times. Creating an at-home work space can help you transition your routine during this period. And we’d love to see how you transform the extra space in your home to function as a productive home office. If you want more advice from our interior design team, tag us with #DesignWithAshley and we will help you achieve a beautiful look in your home. 

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