Small apartments remain as popular today as they ever were in the past. Whether you’re saving money, getting the best view of the city, or just enjoying having your own place, you can always find ways to maximize your enjoyment of your space. Small-space furniture in the latest trends? It’s the best that apartment living has to offer in every floor plan. Let’s explore what Ashley has to offer to help you curate an apartment you’ll love, regardless of available square footage.

Small Apartment Dining Tables

Dining in a smaller apartment means thinking smart and making good use of every inch. Tables can double as both workspaces and entertaining areas when strategically selected for both style and function. Try a leaf table that expands and contracts as needed to match your lifestyle. Many modern designs adjust to fit what you have planned for the space. Round dining tables remain one of the best ways to fit two to four diners in the smallest dining areas, truly maximizing every nook and corner.

Storage Ideas to Maximize Space

It’s storage furniture that makes small-apartment living elegant and easier at the same time. Not only will a storage ottoman or bench help banish clutter, but the right furniture won’t advertise that it’s packed to the brim with magazines and craft supplies. A small apartment desk will also keep charging cables and other electronics organized without letting guests see the mess. Work extra storage into every room in your apartment to finally have a place for it all. Bathroom shelves organize bathrooms with little countertop real estate to spare for cosmetics and skin-care products. There’s a small apartment storage solution for every free space, from the kitchen to the bedroom (and everywhere in between.)

How to Decorate a Small Space

Trying to go with a distinct theme in each part of a small apartment can lead to cluttered or overwhelming decor. This applies even more so in studio apartments and open floor plans with little division between rooms. Instead, try choosing a single overarching theme for decorating and playing with that theme in different areas. Start with a romantic, bold, or modern feeling, and narrow it down further with textures and colors that you love. Add in little details to make the space feel bigger. Mirrors are a traditional suggestion for this approach, but they’re far from your only option. Almost any glossy or highly reflective surface on furniture or decorations can make the room feel bigger and brighter. Try higher curtain rods, longer drapes, and narrow geometric runner rugs that usually stretch the dimensions of the apartment.

Small Apartment Furniture

Every area or room in the small apartment offers you new opportunities to explore your creativity. Using a cohesive approach that maintains a similar scale and general decor theme throughout the apartment will pay off. For example, it’s much more jarring in a smaller space to go from a traditional dining area to an ultra-modern kitchen than in a larger home where the two styles might be separated by multiple rooms and hallways. Make sure your living room, bedrooms, and other areas flow seamlessly together with transitional details like matching artwork, shared color schemes, and decorative patterns and details mimicked between areas.

Couches for Small Spaces

If you’re working with the smallest living areas, stick with one or two loveseats rather than three-seater couches. These space-saving designs allow for comfortable relaxation while remaining on trend with mid-century or modern styles. For a sectional approach in a small apartment, try connecting open-ended couches with lounge sections and attachable armrests. Custom sofa systems really help you find an arrangement that maximizes seating without overwhelming the small apartment living room. Sideless and arm-free designs are popular for small spaces because they offer the most flexibility in seating. There’s no feeling squeezed or cramped with these types of sofas and couches. Reflect on how much you want to add in terms of throw pillows and other elements. Couches with thinner padding and a more streamlined design offer a better canvas for decorating with details.

Apartment Living Room Ideas

Small-space living room furniture should never feel cramped or look basic just because it’s designed to save space. Style and visual appeal can come in the smallest packages, so don’t settle for less just because you need to carefully select the furnishings. Make sure every detail in the apartment living room pulls its weight and contributes more than one feature, even if it’s merely decorative. There’s no extra space for items that only “sort of” inspire your love of the apartment. With a critical eye for knick-knacks and side tables alike, you’ll soon have the cozy apartment living room ideas you need.

Small Bedroom Design Tips

Bedrooms are the easiest spaces to overfill when working with small apartments. Once you’ve added in a full-, queen-, or king-sized bed, there’s little room left in the average bedroom for a dresser, nightstand, and other bedroom set essentials. Again, look for small-space bedroom furniture that pulls double duty to make the most of every square foot. The dresser-nightstand that organizes your outfits while holding your bedside lamp can adapt to any bedroom. Shelving is a great way to move books, instruments, and more off the bedroom floor for easier cleaning. Since the bed has a limited height and you’ll mostly use it while laying down, it’s easy to take advantage of walls with cabinets and floating shelves for storage expansion.

Now that you know how to decorate your apartment space know that there’s nothing wrong with embracing the thought that less is more. Small apartments can be wonderful. They just need a light touch when decorating and furniture that’s sized to fit the space. From dining room tables under 50 inches in length to storage furniture that hides anything away, it’s all available here at Ashley.