Nothing sets the stage for beautiful interior design better than artwork. Follow these tips to achieve the perfect balance of symmetry and spontaneity in your look. What you’ll need: hammer, hooks and nails, tape measure, pencil and level.

Ideal Height

The general rule of thumb for hanging art or mirrors is 57-60 inches from the floor to the center of your art. When stacking pieces, treat them as one and hang accordingly. Keep to this rule throughout your house to create a sense of cohesion from wall to wall and room to room. Measure and calculate hook placement. Use hammer to nail hook into drywall, then hang picture. One last adjustment with the level, and you’re done.

Ideal Spacing

When hanging pictures in a group, keep them 1.5 to 2 inches apart. If you are creating a gallery wall effect, try to balance your pieces on either side of an imaginary line. Grid or salon arrangements should both follow this rule, although spacing may increase for the salon-style collection.

TIP: Before hanging, trace the pieces on paper and tape them to the wall for a preview of final look.

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Ideal Weight

Picture hanging hooks use the weight of the object itself to keep them secured to the wall. Use 1-nail hooks for objects up to 30 lbs., 2-nail hooks up to 50 lbs., and 3-nail hooks up to 100 lbs. Tip: It’s wise to use two hooks, 4-6 inches apart, for larger frames.