Small homes and apartments offer a sense of comfort and coziness that’s tough to match in a bigger space. Still, small spaces require extra consideration to fit in all the furnishings you need. The key is to seek out quality furniture that serves more than one purpose. Multifunctional furniture can range from sleek dining table sets with flexible uses to beds built specifically to transform into seating. From loft beds that include desk space to storage that grows and shrinks with your needs, there are plenty of options for multifunctional furniture for small spaces.

Find the sweet spot between function and beauty here at Ashley. Achieve a multi-use living space that makes the most of every square foot with stylish furniture options designed with optimization in mind. Even growing families can make better use of limited space with the right furnishings.

Multifunctional Furniture for Small Spaces

Changes in the use of today’s homes are driving demand for more using the same amount of space. No matter how big your studio apartment or suburban home is, there are space-saving furnishings that fit in without feeling cramped. Using the right multifunctional piece means that you can preserve valuable free space while still enjoying the support of a spacious sofa or comfortable bed. A sofa bed is a great example of this principle for decorating small spaces. If your apartment or home doesn’t feature a second bedroom for use as a guest room, the sofa bed immediately transforms the living room into a guest-friendly space when needed. Restore the room to its usual use in under five minutes, making way for whatever the day has in store. That’s the power of multifunctional space-saving furniture.

Multifunctional Spaces for the Whole Family

Fitting a family in a small home can encourage cooperation and closeness, but it also requires a dedication to setting up private space wherever possible. Loft beds are great for expanding both sleeping and working options while encouraging family members to share space. The combination of a desk and bed helps organize a shared bedroom from the start. Add in some curtains or a freestanding screen for privacy so a corner of a larger room can become a restful area for work and sleep. There’s no need for a move to a home with more bedrooms if there’s enough space to transform into an open layout mixed-use area.

Space Saving Multifunctional Furniture

You don’t always need modern innovations to save space with your furniture, although space-age folding and expanding tech can certainly help. Some of the best multifunctional space-saving furniture available dates back hundreds of years, such as the drop leaf table. Take a page from centuries of living in small spaces with furniture that expands with your needs. Folding cushions double as seating and sleeping mats, encouraging friends to drop by for a casual night in.

Combining Living and Office Spaces

Living rooms can double as sleeping spaces for guests or a dining area when you want to catch up on the latest shows. But multifunctional living spaces also tend to double as office spaces as well. Working from home is much easier and more productive when you set up a space that provides good ergonomics and encourages focus. Start with one of the many coffee tables available here at Ashley that double as desk space for the multifunctional office space. Don’t forget storage for files, laptops, and computer accessories to prevent clutter from intruding after the workday is over.

Making More Out of a Multifunctional Bed

Prefer to spend as much time in your bedroom as possible? Embrace the mattress lifestyle with a multifunctional bed for small spaces. Even in a studio or one-room apartment, you can maximize the use of your floor space with a lifting or folding Murphy bed frame. No room to lift the mattress to the wall? Try a bed with a built-in desk or display options to ensure you can recline while working or watching movies. Bunk beds and loft beds provide more options for storage and workspace underneath the raised frame. If nothing else, invest in a bed frame with storage drawers built right in to handle holiday decorations and out-of-season clothing.

Find Furniture With Storage Options

Speaking of storage, options abound for the bedroom and beyond. In the living room, storage ottomans and seating benches with hidden compartments keep pillows and throws on hand for chilly evenings. Today, sofas can include storage with the advent of advanced frame systems. Ensure that any side tables, TV stands, and banquets that you choose offer storage below their top surfaces. When shopping for desks designed for computers or handwritten notes, look for designs that include vertical storage features like graduated shelving. Storage furniture can be just as trendy as any other piece, embracing the best of modern or traditional design.

Space Saving Design Tips

Take some general design tips from mid-century multifunctional space trends. Consider built-in features like cabinets, open wall shelves, and niches to create more storage and display space without losing valuable floor space. Integrate decorations into seating surfaces with throws and pillows that feature bold patterns and colors. Look for storage containers like woven baskets and painted wooden hampers that add visual appeal while also organizing smaller items. Add as much light as possible with brighter bulbs, lighter window treatments, and reflective surfaces to increase the sense of space in a smaller room. Space the furnishings slightly farther apart than usual to maximize flow, especially in transitional areas like living rooms or dining areas.

Design your space around multifunctional furnishings to join together your need for comfort with your desire for style. Combine modern pieces that feature cutting-edge engineering with space-saving classics like drop leaf tables and sofa beds. Ashley has something for everyone living in a smaller space and looking to maximize its use. Get more from your furniture with multifunctional pieces combined with your own personal touches.