Renovating Kids’ Rooms

There’s a fun energy to kids’ rooms. Often bursting with life — and messes — a child’s bedroom or playroom is a special space for imagination, playtime, homework, and rest.

Perhaps you are welcoming a new child into your home and are wondering, “How can I make this space kid-friendly?” Or maybe you have a children’s room in need of sprucing up. Regardless, if you want to renovate and decorate your kids’ rooms, we’re here to help. Find out decoration tips, storage ideas, bedroom-specific ideas, and the types of decor that are popular for children’s rooms.

How to Decorate a Kids’ Playroom

Having a dedicated playroom for your kids is the perfect way to allow them to enjoy playtime without cluttering the rest of the house. Have a spare room in the house? Transform it into a playroom with these fun kids’ playroom ideas.

  • Go bright with colors. Ditch the subdued whites and earth tones, and opt for bold colors for your kid’s playroom. Primary colors make a great choice for playrooms.
  • Use easy-to-clean flooring. Opt for a flooring type that will be easy to sweep up and mop. Use washable rugs rather than carpets.
  • Include a kid’s table-and-chair set. Playroom tables and chairs are designed for little ones. These make the perfect station for art time, block-building, or games. Many even offer built-in storage so toys can be cleaned up at the end of playtime.
  • Create a nap space. Rest is just as important as play. Build a cozy corner with blankets, pillows, and a small mattress. Consider adding a tent or canopy to make the nap area extra-special.

Playroom Storage Ideas

If you are wondering, “What should be in a kid’s playroom?” one of the first answers is storage. A playroom can quickly become a chaotic mess without adequate options for storage. You might find yourself stepping on building blocks, tripping over car sets, and losing art supplies.

If you need some inspiration for kid’s playroom storage, give these ideas a try:

  • Choose playroom tables with built-in storage. These tables usually feature a net in the center of the table where toys or blocks can be put up between uses. This makes cleanup simple for little ones.
  • Invest in storage cubes. Storage cubes are a great way to declutter a playroom quickly. They can be stacked or placed on shelves for easy cleanup.
  • Add extra shelving. Speaking of shelves, make sure you have ample shelving in your kid’s room. Because bookshelves can be a tipping hazard for little ones, it is best to install permanent shelves along the walls.
  • Label storage. For bins and storage cubes, adding a simple label to the front can help keep things more organized. It’s also a great way to help your child learn to read simple phrases.
  • Install benches with cubbies. Benches with padding are the perfect place for kids to rest with a book or toy. Opt for benches with built-in cubby storage. This will make it easy to keep toys and books from being scattered throughout the room

Kids’ Bedroom Makeover

Perhaps it is time for a kid’s room makeover in your home. Your child might be growing older and wishing to push away from the nursery feel of the space. Perhaps you are welcoming a kid into your life soon and want something personalized for your newest family member.

Whatever the case, your first question is probably, “How do I redo my kid’s room on a budget?” After all, being a parent is already expensive enough.

The great news is that a kid’s bedroom makeover doesn’t need to break the piggy bank. One of the first places to start is by refreshing your kid’s furniture. Kids’ bedroom furniture sets are an economical and simple way to transform the space.

Give your growing kid a new bunk bed. Add in a desk for your now elementary-aged child. Brighten up the room with fresh kid’s decor, such as whimsical wall hangings or adorable rugs. Purchase a small end-table to allow your older kid to organize all those belongings and keep an e-reader nearby.

Wondering, “How do I make my kid’s room cozier?” There are so many ways to increase the cozy appeal of your kid’s bedroom. Try these ideas to create a space your kid will find relaxing and welcoming:

  • Purchase new kid’s bedding. Nothing makes a room cozier than comfortable, plush bedding. Upgrade your kid’s bedding with new blankets and pillows. Choose bedding that reflects your child’s style, such as bright pinks, stars, or animal themes, for an extra touch of joy.
  • Add more stuffies. Stuffed animals aren’t just adorable to look at! They can also help make your child feel safe and cozy. Add a few new plush toys to your kid’s room for an extra touch of comfort.
  • Increase the lighting options. Opt for a new bedside lamp to keep the space inviting, or add a few more nightlights to the room. This can be particularly helpful for kids who feel scared or uncertain in the dark.
  • Create a cozy corner. If your kid’s bedroom has an empty corner, consider transforming it into a special space with a comfortable bean bag or oversized seat. Add a throw pillow, blanket, and warm lighting to create the perfect place to read a book or relax.

Types of Children’s Room Decor

If you are looking for children’s room ideas, the perfect place to begin is by exploring the types of children’s room decor available. Decorating children’s rooms is all about embracing the creativity of childhood and reflecting on what makes your child unique.

When decorating a children’s room, try these fun decor ideas:

  • Go wild with animals. No, we aren’t suggesting you set wild animals free in your kid’s room. However, animals make for a great decoration choice. Does your little one love jungle animals or adore dogs and cats? Hang wall art with animals, add stick-on murals to the walls and let the animals take over.
  • Add a photo wall. As you snap pictures with your kids, print off a few of their favorites. Using a corkboard, build a photo wall where your child can pin up new memories.
  • Update the lighting. In a kid’s room, lighting should accomplish two things. First, it should be easy for your little one to use. Often, wall switches are out of reach of little hands. A small bedside lamp can make it easy for your kid to turn on and off the lights as needed. Second, lighting should be fun. Unicorn lamps, sports ball lamps, or rocket ship lamps are all great options for a kids’ room and add to the decor.

Beyond these decor ideas, what is the easiest way to decorate a kid’s room? The answer is by adding a fresh coat of paint to your walls. Painting is one of the most cost-effective and simple ways to transform a room. Ask your kids for their input as well. Incorporating their favorite colors or painting a mural of something they love can be an excellent way to decorate the room on a budget.

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