Although it’s been a few years since we hosted a tea party with our stuffed animals, we think we are due for a night of playing dress up. We are all spending more time at home these days, and sometimes it’s invigorating to change out of our comfy clothes. Or maybe you’ve run out of sweatpants and are forced to put on normal clothes for an evening of laundry. It’s ok, we’ve been there, too. Get your quarantine companions together and make an occasion just because you deserve it.

Host a dinner party for you and your social distancing pals! If you are self-isolating, coordinate with your far away family and friends to have a virtual fancy dinner. We’ve selected a few potential themes for your at-home gala and some necessities for creating the perfect space. 

Pick the Theme

Before becoming the belle of the ball, you and your fellow guests should pick a theme for the soiree. Here are some of our favorites: 

  • A Period Piece: Pick a theme that takes you back in time! Wear outfits that are inspired by eras like the Renaissance or the rise of punk rock. You can also keep things general by encouraging your family to dress up according to a decade, like the 1970s.
  • Black Tie Affair: Keep things classy with a simple back tie theme. You can use it as an excuse to wear your prom dress or tuxedo. Some adopters of this trend on social media are even slipping back into their wedding dresses. 
  • Pop Culture Participation: Want to dress like you are on the set of your favorite movie or television show? Achieve a look inspired by a beloved character or celebrity doppelganger and see how close you can make your style. 
  • Follow the Leader: Test your knowledge of your social distancing companions by hosting a dinner party where you dress up as each other or select a single person to emulate the look of. Put everyone’s name into a bowl, and whatever name you select is the persona you will adopt for the dinner party. 

If you have tried this at home, share your favorite themes in the comments below! We’d love to know how you have been spending your time during social distancing. 

Set the Table

Dining spaces are an essential in any home, regardless of the square footage. It’s a gathering place where memories are shared and delicious food is enjoyed. Even if you live in an apartment, a place to enjoy Sunday brunch at home and read the paper is a great way to relax and welcome the day. 

Set a place for every guest attending in person or via video call, your Zoom attendees will appreciate the gesture. Also, make sure that everyone hides their phone (unless it is being used for a video) to ensure that you are all present for the evening.

Find an Activity

The food has been enjoyed, the dishes have been put away, now it’s time for a fun activity. (Note: the dishes are optional. Worry about those tomorrow.) End the evening by watching the film or TV show your event was inspired by, or have a game night! You can select a classic board or card game, but we suggest getting a little creative. Try a family-themed version of charades or pictionary! 


  1. Center the game around your quarantine partners and their fun facts, hobbies or interests. 
  2. Write their names and facts on small sheets of paper, and place them in a bowl or cup. 
  3. At each turn, the player acting out the character or fact will select one randomly. 
  4. Set a timer! 
  5. Begin, let’s see how well you all know each other.
  6. And don’t forget, no talking!

Navigating this time is a new challenge, but it’s important to find comfort in our homes. These at-home events and dress up nights are a way for us to reconnect with those we are spending time with and those who might be far away. Even after this season, we encourage you to pursue an amazing space and to invite new traditions into your home.

Whether you are hosting an at-home dinner party for your family, creating a pillow fort for a movie night or transforming your backyard into a personal beach, share it with us! In the comments below, tell us your favorite staycation tips and activities. You can also post your staycation space and use #MyAshleyHome to possibly be featured on our Instagram! Find more inspiration to achieve the best staying-at-home space on our Pinterest boards.