We recently partnered with the LaBrant family to decorate their new house, and we’re excited to share it with you. The family, consisting of parents Savannah and Cole and daughters Everleigh and Posie, collaborated with us to bring their style to life with Ashley’s wide furniture assortment.

Joyleene Padilla, one of Ashley HomeStore’s interior designers, worked closely with the family to bring their style to life. “I would consider the style a mix between contemporary and vintage… There’s this relaxed tone throughout the house with the lighter color schemes, too,” she said. “Overall it’s a gorgeous space that I am sure a lot of people could relate to.”

Home Makeover Goals

One of the LaBrants’ big goals were for easy entertaining and dining in their new home. That’s why when Joyleene began working her magic, she furnished the sitting room and dining spaces with vintage touches and a hint of elegance.

Another goal was having a spot for the family to relax together. The informal living and dining spaces made this happen with a play area that Posie can stay in while the family relaxes together, making it the perfect location for everyone to unwind, big sofa included. 

When showing their subscribers the official house tour, Savannah and Cole both shared their love for the redecorated kitchen and living space. “These barstools, I’m super obsessed with them. I’ve always wanted a house that has a little island with barstools. I love this room” Savannah said.

“This is where we spend 90 percent of our time… I love how open the living room is to this kitchen,” Cole added.

An Elegant Master Suite

Then of course, comes the master bedroom makeover. When helping the LaBrant Family craft the perfect suite, Joyleene fell in love with the relaxed tones and less-is-more aesthetic.

“(My favorite room’s) a tie between the master bedroom and the playroom. The master bedroom is so serene with the light neutral tones and pops of blue,” Joyleene said. “The high ceilings add this regal element that is really unexpected, but much appreciated.”

The white-washed furniture pieces exude a vintage style and make the room inviting. Joyleene added a seating area in the corner, so the couple can spend quality time together at the end of the day. The function of comfort and togetherness was a key feature in all the bedrooms in the LaBrant house.

Tackling La Casita

The family wanted to finish the home transformation by redecorating their guest house, which they named “La Casita.” Cole and Savannah encourage anyone who visits the home to feel welcome during their entire stay. Guests can choose between a variety of bunk beds or a private bedroom to relax and recharge.

 ‘These rooms are so cute. Because how fun are bunk beds?” Cole said. “So many people can sleep here.” 

Where All the Fun Happens

Pull up a chair and watch your favorite movies in luxury when you stay with the LaBrants! The couple decided to dedicate a space in their home for watching movies together. Stocked with delicious candies and sodas, they have the feel of a movie theatre without ever having to leave home.

Everleigh and Posie were also given a play space to call their own. The space features a play table so the girls can create masterpieces and host tea parties with their plush pals! The unique color palette of bright shades was meant to complement their fun-loving dispositions. Anyone can feel like a kid again when hanging out in their playroom.

Soaking up the Sun

Thanks to the beautiful Los Angeles weather, the LaBrants get to enjoy sunshine all year. For the outdoor area, the family went for a minimal look with light wooden furniture to entertain guests in the shade.

Trying to redo your entire house like the LaBrants? According to Joyleene, it’s best to be patient to create the best home for you. “When working with as many spaces, it is best to take on one at a time. This ensures the client gets everything they need for the space and loves every detail,” she said. 

Time for a home refresh? In celebration of our home makeover with the LaBrants, we are hosting a $4,000 furniture sweepstakes – click here to enter our Home Makeover Sweepstakes! to enter! To browse the LaBrant Family’s home, you can shop their specialty store. Also, feel free to follow their daily adventures by subscribing to their YouTube channel, where you can find their official house tour.